Apple ‘confirms’ the new iPhone updates


Apple ‘confirms’ the new iPhone updates: While we had a hint that it was coming, Apple AAPL + 0.36% had now confirmed two iPhone launches before anyone anticipated …

Apple ‘confirms’ the new iPhone updates

Apple 'confirms' the new iPhone updates

In an official statement to Reuters, Apple announced that the modified versions of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now sold in Germany. So it seems likely that these updated models (that have arrived two weeks before their filtering calendar) finally go on sale in other places as well.

How are they updated? Apple says that the models will exchange the Intel modems with those of Qualcomm, and the latter will offer a much better cellular data throughput. In particular, more than 1 million user tests on T-Mobile and AT & T recorded average gains of 53-68% with Qualcomm Vs Intel modems and up to 97-192% in some cases.

However, it is interesting that Apple’s motivation for this change is not related to performance and the company is deeply unhappy with the change, as it is the consequence of a German court order that stopped sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 for infringements of copyright.

In response, Apple said that “Qualcomm is trying to use precautionary measures against our products to try to make Apple succumb to its extortionary demands … To ensure that all iPhone models can be available to customers in Germany, we have no choice but to stop”. Using Intel chips and send our phones with Qualcomm chips in Germany. ”

While the due process will ultimately determine whether Apple is right in making these claims, it is in no small extent that these iPhones now have better hardware inside. Also, given that the failure of the German court has the potential to set a precedent elsewhere, these changes may also be forced for Apple in other countries.

Apple 'confirms' the new iPhone updates
Apple ‘confirms’ the new iPhone updates Photo by Tuur Tisseghem from Pexels

Ironically, with flash sales of the iPhone SE demonstrating the appetite of Apple customers for smaller devices, the ruling of the German court can now lead to a large number of buyers for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 equipped with Qualcomm.



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