Apple’s new iPhone software has a hidden feature, so its battery does not fall so fast


iOS 13 update includes the new feature that will extend the life of the battery.

This is called “customized battery charging,” and it will prevent your iPhone from charging more than 80 percent unless it is needed.

Know your daily habits when you should charge more than 80 percent, which says that this will reduce battery life.

Apple’s new iPhone software, iOS 13, includes a feature that will help extend the life of your battery.

It is important.

People keep their phones for a long time, often for three or four years instead of updating them every two years, as was standard when smartphones were new and dramatically better with each release.

But the battery starts losing its ability to charge effectively according to the age of the phone, which means that the battery life starts getting worse.

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Apple started a battery replacement program in 2018 after criticizing the old iPhones to slow down the display. Since then, he added an option that allows users to see if their batteries are running full capacity. If not, users can take their phones to Apple to replace the battery.

The new iOS 13 is based on an underlying feature that helps your battery last for the first time.

Apple's new iPhone software has a hidden feature, so its battery does not fall so fast

The new feature for iPhones, “Optimized Battery Charging” will be released for the drop in iOS 13 update, but is now available for developer testing before a public release next month. I found it with the battery configuration on my iPhone, which runs on the preview of the iOS 13 developer. It was activated by default, which means that you do not even need to enable it after the software has dropped.

The Apple iOS 13 website tells us what it does:

“A new option helps reduce the speed of your iPhone by reducing your iPhone’s charging time. The iPhone uses the machine learning tool to understand its daily load routine, so You can wait until you get 80% load more than you need. ” use it. ”

The Apple Battery website states that lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 80 percent quickly within an iPhone. The remaining 20 percent uses “maintenance fee,” which “relieves electric current to prolong the life of the battery.”

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But, when your phones are plugged in, this slow charge keeps working while trying to keep the battery fully charged. Which can reduce your battery charge quickly

Apple new feature will prevent the phone from charging 100 percent and activating slow charging until you think you’ll need it. Therefore, if you usually remove your iPhone from the charger at 6 a.m., then it will eliminate the last 20% immediately before that date, rather than that you do the evening first when you charge the iPhone 100% You can try to keep it.

This allows the battery to reduce wear and will enable you to use your iPhone with maximum performance and maximum battery capacity. In essence, this is good news for people who want to keep their phones for many years without changing their batteries.


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