The Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer punches into the hard-matched X-Men franchise: You knew it was coming. Dark Phoenix One of the biggest frustrations of a year is both critically and financially. Disney completely swallowed the 8th Century Fox, and the X-Men franchise came home to the MCU.

The Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer punchs into the hard-matched X-Men franchise


The Fox version of the series, which debuted at 2, is now officially dead. And Dark Phoenix is ​​the ultimate wind blower. Now honest trailers have gone to town in this saga-ending sequel, offering this stingy gem right from Betty.

“This is the last movie from the X-Universe from Disney to remind us that like the human body when a franchise dies, it grows.”

The bars are closed straight out of the gate this time around, and you can tell that no love will be given to this box office stinker. The Honest Trailer team follows the movie from X-Men 3 to recycle the plot, this time with only several other Gene Gray. But not really. Instead, the film explores the cosmic potential of the Phoenix Force. But again, not really.

After the last movie, Dark Foxx has been fired for not explaining how Magneto is a free man or how the X-Men give the president a hotline after Richard Nixon pulled the gun.

Of course, the crazy timeline is a controversial point, with each film skipping decades, though the characters don’t seem to be their age. Technically the animal should be in its 50०s, but you can never tell because Nicholas Hoult still looks 2 years old.


The trailer continues by ringing the Dark Phoenix and Gaga, pinging about every aspect of the story and creation. And as it happily goes through each character, remember how dangerous each mutant’s story is and never fall below. And yes, in Jennifer Lawrence they take a lot of potshots so it’s now very famous to be in the make-up chair.

Arriving in recent months, this rougher is one of the honest trailers, the narrator finally calls on the director to figure out what to make for the student film, and the protagonists all seem to be dying in their signature protagonist poses. Slamming is just coming, for a solid five minutes which is pretty brutal.

“So press X to honor the latest horror movie of the current X-Men franchise, which you can blame the writer/director for failing over, or last-minute reshoots to make it less like Captain Marvel.

Or the main cast wishing they were dead. Or You can choose to remember all the good times, forget it ever happened, and some instead Try reading X-Men comics. “

Most of the time, especially late, honest trailer gangs have at least one or two good things to say about the movie on the ground. She definitely should not be here. They run a lot of dark foxes as a pile of hot garbage.

And what difference does it make? This version of the franchise is dead, and the Mutants will soon be playing around inside the MCU as part of the Marvel Studios and Disney family. So it’s all in good fun. It comes directly from the screen junkies.


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