First Man: Astronauts on the Screen with Right Stuff to Apollo 13 and Gravity: After the success of Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chapel, La La Land (2016), two other Oscar contestants, released for the first time in Britain on Friday, October 12.

In this stimulating biography of Neil Armstrong – who became the first man to plant the moon, when NASA‘s Apollo 11 craft crew removed the eagle’s moon module on its surface on July 20, 1969 – Gosling Claire Fay, Jason Clarke between Corey Stall and an experienced artist

While astronauts are often on the screen from Apes (1968) to Solaris (1972), Armageddon (1997), Sunshine (2007), Moon (2009), Interstellar (many), heroes of an unknown science fiction adventure As shown on the screen. 2014) And The Martian (2015), a small sub-genre, has bowed down the fantasy element to focus on the complex human drama of those brave men and women who risk their lives to expand the horizon of human experience. Give up.

Here are the most interesting seven.

Astronauts (1972)

Robert Michael Lewis’s movie Monte Marcum has been placed in stars in the form of Eddie Reese, who has been hired by NASA to impersonate Col. Brice Randolph, who, due to a mistake in his suit, the first human-crewed mission of Mars Dies during

Fearing a potential disaster and potential molestation of the program, the American Space Agency interferes in the media coverage of a clearly victorious return of its ship, and Reese turns it into surgery to make sure that it resembles Randolph The situation is complicated when it is expected to go home and move forward as the dead person in the next suspected wife’s company. Stay in

Capricorn One (1977)

Continuing in the wake of Watergate, Capricorn is even more frightening about the state, and it can imitate and is very much in the bitter sense of its moment, such as Conversation (1974) and All the President Men (1976). ).

Beyond the Stars (1989)

Talking about the surprises of Spieberbians in the care of their pioneers of the Seventh Century, David Sapperstein’s film saw Christian Slater as the idealistic trainee astronaut Eric Michaels, who became friends with the unfortunate 13th person Paul Andrews (Martin Sheen) We do.

Andrews is dropped by NASA and his partner Apollo veterans and closes a dark secret, but Eric refused to see the truth.

Marooned (1969)

Three American astronauts (Jean Hackman, Richard Crayna and James Franciscus) got stuck in a dinner thriller engine and got out of oxygen due to engine failure, after four months of John Sturges’s film Apollo 11 and appeared to the public Capitalized on excitement.

A clear forerunner of gravity of Alfonso Kuron, it also underscores the Apollo 13, Interstellar and The Martian concentrating back and forth between NASA mission control seen by Gregory Peck, who tries to solve a robust solution And its plight is the only man in the dark.First Man: Astronauts on the Screen with Right Stuff to Apollo 13 and Gravity

It is hoped that the Soviet Union, the slaves of America on Earth, can put worldly concerns behind them come to the rescue, leaving behind an optimistic optimism about the chances of the cold end of the Cold War, which is not going to come. Was there.

The rescue mission is a recurring theme in the genre – especially from Mars, which is generally considered as the next frontline – Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), Brian de Palma’s Mission to Mars (2000), Maria Lidon The independent film of Stranded (2001) and The Martian Red Planet relates to the inclination to tamper with a group of actors.

The Right Stuff (1983)

Author-director Philip Kaufman adapted from the book of Tom Wolfe of the same name, The Right Stuff is mostly under the cloud line, focusing on naval, marine and air test pilots coming out of Edwards Air Force Base in California. , Which is probably the proper combination of technical ability and intrepid sacrifice for the ideal astronaut.

Sam Shepherd plays an unsuitable role as Chuck Yager, who defeated the speed of sound in his X-1 in 1947, but among the other members of Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Dennis Cady and Lance Henrikan Posting is Mercury Mercury Seventh is enjoying the status of his elite because the skies with space race are heating up.

Gravity (2013)

Mexican director, Kuron, received great acclaim for the visual effects on the show in the two-hander holding this, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock because co-pilots forced them to fight for their lives when the debris served the Hubble Space Telescope To harm your shuttle.

Desperate to reach the International Space Station, both have to be forced to end up every option to save their lives, and in the killing of one of their stars from film producer Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) Lessons take place so that the firm in the prevention of heart before other crashed land, Terra.

If you are lucky ever to see it on the IMAX screen, you will know that the effect is enormous.

Apollo 13 (1995)

“We have problems with Houston …”

Perhaps Apollo 13’s director Ron Howard’s greatest strength is extraordinary to produce in detail; the filmmaker tormented the 1970’s Moon mission for it is as honest as possible entertainment.

Disaster lost by the commander Jim Lowell (played by Tom Hanks on the screen), based on the first-hand account of the moon, due to the failure of the picture, the crew’s speech is dramatised again when it put them in danger in technical failures. Goes but does not ignore emotional stress on them, are watching from the earth on their loved ones in danger or the form of Lowell’s disappointing despair, Not unrealistic to be forced to accept his dream of following in the steps of Armstrong.

Howard’s Ace Cast as Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise and Ed Harris (again), passes through such trustworthy talent and this work is a great accomplishment overall.

However, on this proof, First Man promises the rarest things: Traveling in the unknown, in the case of the case, the matter is taken.


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