Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Which Phone is Better?


What is going on? Everyone My name is Vishal, and this is the Galaxy S 10 plus vs iPhone Xs Max showdown. OK, so I’ve been using the Galaxy S 10 plus for over a month now and no lie. This phone is pretty amazing in terms of flagship offerings available right now.

It would be fair to argue that the Galaxy S10 plus is the current king but of course we can’t just overlook another behemoth of a phone that no doubt many would claim sits on the throne supreme.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Which Phone is Better?

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?
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The luxurious iPhone xs Max. Love it or hate it. It’s one of the best iPhones ever made. And as the rivalry between Apple and Samsung continues to heat up. Thought I’d do a comparison review of these two juggernaut phones to see which one indeed wears the crown. Man I could already feel the war started to heat up in the comments section and we haven’t even started yet but before we get into the review.

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Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?
Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

Let me know the comments down below. That being said let’s get into the comparison. OK. First the battle of physical design. When it comes to the use of premium material both companies don’t pull any punches. They both implement a glass on glass design that makes the phone look and feels ultra luxurious and both implement a metal frame that adds the premium feel the hand.

One difference here is that the iPhone xs Max is stainless steel and arguably higher grade of metal in comparison to the aluminium that the Galaxy s10 plus uses. Now is it a significant advantage. Probably not. It does feel warm to the touch, and I would prefer it over, but it’s not a make or breaks design addition. Both phones have no physical buttons outside of the standard buttons on the sides of course which makes them both clean and minimalistic especially when paired with their curved edges and big displays.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?

Physically speaking both of these phones are truly top notch. When we start to see a difference is how the phone is designed from a feature standpoint. The iPhone xs Max has a single lightning port when it comes to Io. Yes, it’s super clean and minimalistic, but it’s limiting in terms of use of standard accessories. Compare that to the s10 plus which has a non-proprietary USP type seaport of micro SD slot for expandable storage and a three and a half millimetre headphone jack, and it’s no debate on which phone is superior when it comes to accessibility.

Galaxy s10 Plus Samsung can offer all these features without compromising the physical design phone and anyway you slice it. The Xs Max is a loser in this category. Not to expand on features a bit let’s make a quick comparison on base model specs. The base model Galaxy S 10 plus comes with the Snapdragon 850 5 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal storage which is pretty impressive. iPhone Xs Max, and other hands, comes with Apple’s Premier 812 bionic chip 40 gigabytes of RAM and only 64 gigabytes of internal storage on its base model.

Now it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that the S10 plus is the winner here, but this is one area where it’s an apples and oranges comparison as raw specifications such as these don’t speak solely to the phone’s performance. The truth the matter is that both phones perform outstandingly. Everything is silky smooth in terms of UI navigation absolute quickly, and there’s almost no lag in day to day use. Even with the more spec intensive activities such as using advanced options on the phone’s cameras in a way, this could be a slight advantage. The tennis Max as it’s an older phone. I mean it’s expected that the S 10 plus two well considering it’s one of the newest flagship phones available but the iPhone tennis Max despite being over six months old hasn’t in any way shape or form slowed down in terms of performance.

A testament to Apple strong reputation of masterfully integrating hardware and software. Now battery performance on both phones is strong as well. The Xs Max comes with the three thousand one hundred seventy-four million power battery that supports both wireless and quick charging. And overall I’ve had no real issues getting through the day comfortably on the iPhone Xs Max.

Even on days of heavy usage now the S10 Plus comes with a larger forty-one hundred million bar battery supports fast charging and fast wireless charging and arrives at the new power share feature albeit it’s not the essential feature in the world. But at last, something that the S10 plus can do that the Xs Max cannot. But the real differentiator here it comes down to the included accessories. While Samsung consists of a fast charging brick and cable in the box with the Galaxy S10 plus vs iPhone Xs Max does not.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?

You’re going to need to buy it separately which is stupid and that in turn edges the advantage here to the end Galaxy S10 plus in this particular category. Okay, let’s transition into talking about another central feature of both of these phones their displays the iPhone Xs Max is rocking a six and a half inch older show coming in at a resolution of 26 88 by 242 which equates to about 458 pixels print.

And it’s a pretty easy distinction to say that this is the best display in an iPhone period. The colours are accurate and punchy. The contrast is outstanding with the pure blacks of an old and the screen a body ratio makes for a super-immersive viewing experience. No doubt this is a class-leading display but when it comes to the Galaxy S10 plus it’s pretty clear that it’s a step ahead of the competition.

It comes with a six-point four inch Quad HD plus dynamic Amalie display coming in at a resolution of 30 40 by 14 40 which equates to about 522 pixels per inch. And man it looks incredible. It’s the brightest display I’ve ever tested. And Samsung has come a long way in terms of refining the displays colour science making for vibrant, accurate colours without it being oversaturated like it was in the past.

This is their first display that supports each Galaxy S10 plus content and is just left shaking your head at just how impressive this display is paired that with Samsung’s signature edge design and minimal hole punch cut out and you have one of the most immersive shows on a smartphone today. It’s no surprise that even Apple themselves use Samsung made all LEDs on their phones and it’s pretty clear not only does the S10 plus display beat the iPhone Xs max it’s probably the best display on the phone right now overall.

So another area in which both of these phones lead the pact in terms of technological features is within its security the galaxy s10 plus introduces Samsung’s first in display fingerprint reader that uses ultrasonic sensors under the glass which they say is significantly more secure than other embedded fingerprint readers out there.

Now that might be true, and I am a fan of Simpson’s approach in going in this direction but if my testing the fingerprint reader was not as reliable as the touch capacitive ones they’ve used in the past, and I know some of you might say that makes sense that it’s not considering that it’s a new technology. But when it comes to a feature on a phone that you’ve used for years when it doesn’t at least meet the expectations that you’re used to it’s hard to accept even if it’s much more sophisticated and new.

Now the same could be said about Apple’s face I.D. the first security feature on the Xs Max. And to be honest, my initial opinion on it wasn’t too positive. However, over time, I’ve become a massive fan of face I.D., And I think it’s another excellent example of Apple predicting what we want before us even knowing it. Unlike the S10 plus this fingerprint reader base, I.D. is a different approach to smartphone safety, and in my opinion, it’s the safest and most convenient way to lock and unlock your phone.

It’s virtually impossible the trick that depth sensors into making a false positive. And though it’s just a bit slower than its fingerprint readers, it’s had in the past. It doesn’t require you to press anything physically it seamlessly integrated into the software and happened so naturally, it feels like you don’t even have a safety feature turned on which weirdly makes it easy to under-appreciate until you go back to a phone that doesn’t happen at the end of the day. Both companies took bold steps to modernise the Siri of their phones. But to me, Apple did a better job in terms of design and execution.

Okay last let’s talk about the cameras the iPhone Xs Max comes at the dual 12-megapixel rear camera setup one standard wide angle and one telephoto lens as well as a real death seven-megapixel front facing camera making for three in total. And to give a high-level summary of the picture quality on the Xs Max is outstanding. Apple worked on the algorithm within its software to produce in my opinion the best still images the iPhone has ever produced.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?

Leveraging its powerful eightfold bionic chip the camera’s ability to use smart HDR significantly improves the dynamic range. Images are vibrant and super sharp, and their portrait mode on both the front and back cameras has gotten noticeably better. Now the galaxy S10 plus is no slouch when it comes to cameras.

Case in point it’s rocking five of them. One is a 10-megapixel selfie camera and the other an eight megapixel RTP depth camera and three in the back 112-megapixel whiting or primary shooter a twelve-megapixel telephoto lens. At last a 16 megapixel ultra-wide camera the addition of the ultra-wide puts the Galaxy S10 plus at a significant advantage here as it’s a camera feature that has been universally praised as a useful and value-added addition it will likely become standard in new flagship offerings this year, and on the whole the image quality on the S10 plus is pretty good. Colours are accurate, and images are razor sharp.

I did notice that the primary rear camera had a tendency to slightly overexposed and if you do a side by side with the iPhone xs, Max, you’ll see that the images from the tennis match are somewhat more vibrant. So it’s a push in this category because if you’re looking for image quality, Xs Max is the stronger performer. But if you’re looking for camera functionality, the Galaxy S10 plus likely takes the cake there. So when it come down to it, both phones are no doubt, and it’s not difficult to understand why these would be considered top end flagship phones. But at the end of the day which one is more worth it the iPhone Xs Max coming in at a starting price of one thousand ninety-nine dollars makes it one of the most expensive smartphones in the market today.

Now the Galaxy S10 plus isn’t too far behind with the starting price of nine ninety-nine. But here’s the thing. The Galaxy S10 plus comes with a better display better accessories better Io better storage options another base model. Likewise the expansion and a super full angle camera. That’s pretty bold. I mean to get all that and save one hundred dollars on one of the newest flagships out there today it’s tough not to say that the S10 plus is the better pound for pound value when it comes to an overall smartphone and what it has to offer.

Now, of course, this doesn’t take into consideration the ongoing and probably never going to end the war of what’s better IAW or Android. And I’ve purposely left that out of this review to focus on the phones themselves. But it’s a good question for you guys. Which do you think is better. And do you think the operating system that’s installed on the phone impacts the phone’s inherent value? Tell me to know what you guys are thinking in the comments down below. Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Which Phone is Better?


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