Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL: All you need to know


Google Pixel 3 and GooglePixel 3 XL All you need to know: Rarely acquired a flagship mobile phone been so thoroughly leaked ahead of launch because the Google Pixel 3 XL; however, the company still experienced several surprises up its sleeve. The Google Pixel 3 plus the Search engines Pixel 3 XL give some significant updates over their predecessors, while nevertheless clearly from the Pixel family. Study our full assessments of the Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 for all the details.

Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL: All you need to know

On top of the usual CPU update, both Pixels now sport activity a dual-lens, front face camera designed to elevate your selfie camera to the next level, some additional software smarts to obtain the best from a single-lens primary video camera and help for Qi wireless charging. Google’s design has also been refined in comparison to last year’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. the new Google Android SmartPhone, Google’s wares ought to be on your radar. All About The Google Pixel 3 and Google 3 XL.


The Pixel 3 gets a time-warping Moment Lapse mode and the much more full availability
The impressive fresh midrange google and google Pixel 3a may be the talk of Google I/O, but there are a few revisions to Google’s current flagship range as well.

First off, the Time Lapse mode from your Pixel 3a assortment may also be arriving at the Pixel 3. This function allows you to make time-warping video clips by taking a series of photos across a particular time, speeding up slow techniques, and making it seem like they’re happening much faster. For example, a period Lapse video

The much more full availability released with the Pixel 3a may also be arriving at the Pixel 3. Which means you’ll now be able to find the Pixel 3 in Sprint, Verizon, People Cellular, and T-Mobile retailers. When you don’t discover the Pixel 3 in At just&T’s stores, you’ll be able to use the Smartphone on AT&T’s network when it’s purchased unlocked.

The Pixel 3 is arriving at T-Mobile, stopping its Verizon exclusivity

It has been the case for an extended period that should help you wanted to purchase a Pixel 3 from the key U.S. service provider, Verizon was your only option. However, that amount of exclusivity is arriving at a finish, as T-Mobile will also soon be taking Google’s Pixel 3, and presumably the Pixel 4.

Rumors of T-Mobile’s imminent adoption of this Pixel 3 first fallen on 9 to 5 Search engines before being gradually confirmed by Android Police, who furthermore validated T-Mobile would as well find the midrange Pixel 3a and 3a XL. This means it’s also likely the forthcoming Pixel 4 array will be provided by T-Mobile too, giving you options beyond google and google Fi and Verizon. There is no mention T-Mobile will announce Google Pixel 3 supply, but we visualize it will be soon if 3rd party sources are pleased to confirm the news.

Dance with Childish Gambino on your Pixel

Have you ever wished to dance with Childish Gambino? You will, as Childish Gambino and his legendary dance moves have already been put into Playground on Pixel, permitting you to use augmented certainty (AR) to project an online Gambino into your daily life.

Google rolls out Pixel 3 eSIM assistance to more carriers around the world.

Google was among the first manufacturers to aid eSIM cards within its google and google Fi network. Also, it put its money where its oral cavity was basically Google Pixel 3 with eSIM support. But not many carriers support eSIM, so the rollout to the brand new, less physical data format has been a tad slow.

However, Google provides just announced it is rolling out eSIM help for your Pixel 3 for multiple carriers in multiple countries. According to The Verge, it is possible to expect soon to see eSIM assistance for Sprint inside the U.S., EE in the U.K., Airtel and Reliance Jio in India, and then for Truphone and Gigsky in a bunch of other countries. Also, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone in Germany will be going one better and will rapidly be offering Pixel 3 mobile phones having an eSIM.

Night Sight will be rolling out as an update to the Google Camera app.

Google’s clever A new.I. Mode, Evening Sight, is now moving out to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is an update to the Google Camera app. It stitches along multiple frames to lessen noise and boost colors and brightness for photos captured in very darkish environments. You will discover the new method in the Additional section of the camera app. Nonetheless, it should pop up To suggestion when appropriate. The brand new mode works with the primary surveillance camera and the front-facing camera. We’re amazed by the results we’ve got with Night Sight so far.

Pixel camera’s Playground gets cats for Countrywide Cat Day

At Google’s Pixel celebration earlier this year, the company declared Playground, a new Pixel camera mode that mainly permits users to display augmented reality personas in their images. At launch, the feature provided Marvel characters, temperature, signs, and more. Now, in the party of National Pet cat Day, it’s benefiting from cats. In the Playground feature, you’ll be able to add both dogs and cats, after which they’ll interact with each other on the display screen, manage around a landscape, etc. Read our complete guidebook to Pixel 3 images for a lot more info.

The Google Pixel 3 will be able to screen calls, block spam later on this month

Perhaps one of the most exciting new characteristics to be proven off during the launch of the Pixel 3 seemed to be the ability with the phones to display calls and block junk mail. When you get a contact from an unknown number, for instance, you can just hit the “Screen Call up” switch, and Google Associate will talk to the caller instead of you. The feature will be available on the Search engines Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL later on this month, and will be coming to the initial Pixel and Google Pixel 2 in November.

Google is building The way to hide the Google Pixel 3 XL.

The Search engines Pixel 3 XL could be getting good earlier reviews, but there is one characteristic that reviewers own consistently mentioned in the less-than-positive light source — the massive notch. Thankfully, however, it seems as if Google is creating a way to conceal the notch. The new feature happens to be available in Android’s developer options and essentially sets a black pub at the top of the display. The effect is that the phone appears like it includes a large bezel at the top, though some may like that turn to the notch. We used the new function, and you can find what it looks like below.

The Google and google Pixel 3 is getting Duplex later this year

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the Pixel’s software program is that it’ll be getting Search engines Duplex, Google’s ultra-realistic human-sounding type of Assistant that can call restaurants to create bookings. For now, the service will only call dining places that don’t have online booking devices, which already have Assistant support. Primarily, Google is bringing the characteristic to NY, Atlanta, Phoenix, along with the San Francisco Bay Region — though it’s most likely the function will spin out to additional areas immediately after.

google PIXEL 3

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 64GB or 128GB
Screen size: 5.5-inches
Resolution: 2,160 x 1,080
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, NFC
Battery: 2,915 mAh
Size: 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm
Weight: 148g
Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie

At first glance, the google and google Pixel 3 looks nearly the same as the Google Pixel 2, but look closer, and you all see that Google and Google have cut the bezels down, permitting it to package a 5.5-inch OLED screen right into a body that’s a hair smaller than its predecessor’s. Not merely has the display size leaped by fifty percent an inch, but it is also sharper, with The 2,160 x 1,080-pixel resolution that scores it a good 443 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Thankfully, there’s still bedroom for stereo front-facing speakers.

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Flip around to the trunk, and we find the same two-tone design as earlier Pixels, using a fingerprint sensor in the center and the surveillance camera lens at the very top left, but this time back is all glass, which allow the Google Pixel 3 to support cordless charging. Alongside the usual understated black variation, there’s also white which has a mint green energy press button, and all-new “Not Pink” option with an orange power switch.

There are no genuine surprises inside of, where we find Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor backed by 4GB of Memory. Storage options are usually 64GB or 128GB, and there is no room for just a MicroSD greeting card to extend on that. There’s also no room for any 3.5mm audio jack, so you need to utilize a USB-C port And Bluetooth 5, but you do find USB-C earbuds in the box.

Naturally, the Pixel 3 works the latest Google Android 9 Pie variation, and Google provides added various improvements. In addition to Qi wireless getting, there’s also fast-charging assistance for the 2 2,915 mAh power. That is slightly larger than the battery in the Pixel 2 and, coupled with the newer, better processor, should convert to longer power supply life.


CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 64GB or 128GB
Screen size: 6.3-inches
Resolution: 2,960 x 1,440
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, NFC
Battery: 3,430mAh
Size: 158 x 76.6 x 7.9 mm
Weight: 184g
Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie

The Pixel 3 XL is usually more obviously different from its forerunner, with a large notch making a controversial appearance the top of the 6.3-inches OLED screen. Besides, it retains a prominent chin below. The exhibit sports an answer of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels, which means a sharp 523 ppi. Stereo system front-facing speakers flank the display.

Exactly like its smaller-sized sibling, the google and google Pixel 3 XL includes a two-tone design over the glass back, with a fingerprint sensor in the center and a single camera lens at the top left. Also, it comes in black, white with all the mint green strength option, and in the brand new pink color having an orange power press button.

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And there’s 64GB or 128GB of onboard safe-keeping, with no extension option. You will not find a 3.5mm audio jack port here, but there are USB-C earbuds within the box and assistance for wireless headphones via Bluetooth 5.0.

The battery is usually scored at 3,430mAh, which is an impression smaller than previous year’s Pixel 2 XL battery power, but we count on power efficiency enhancements to keep it running for each day. There’s also support for Qi wireless getting and fast charging.


The fascinating upgrades in the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are to be found in the camera section, and both phones have a similar camera setup.

Google has stuck steadfastly with a single-lens primary surveillance camera scored at 12.2 megapixels, even yet in the face of dual- and triple-lens opposition. We don’t blame it, as the CMR in the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL offers its own very well over the last years — actually, it’s still our reigning camcorder phone champion. The primary camera has got optical photograph stabilization, laser autofocus, dual pixel phase diagnosis, and support for vibrant high range (HDR).

Google can squeeze such high performance out from its camera by using some clever program trickery, rather than relying upon more hardware. The A new.I.-driven camera within the Pixel 3 and 3 XL requires a burst of pictures before and once you press the shutter button and then analyzes these to suggest the very best options, searching for shots where subject matter are looking at the camcorder with open eye and smiles. Also, it offers a fantastic portrait mode capable of blurring the backdrop for an ideal bokeh, and it’s capable of automatically tracking subjects, which means you don’t need to continue to keep tapping to refocus. There’s a new zoom choice that allows you to zoom in, even without a telephoto lens, using a.I. Completing the gaps and getting you the aspect level you need.

The front-facing cameras feature a more significant upgrade, incorporating an 8.1-megapixel telephoto zoom lens having an f/1.8 aperture and second 8.1-megapixel wide-angle zoom lens that features an f/2.2 hole. This combo will let you capture great group selfies or get more background in. Also, it should perform well in a low lightweight, making it ideal for grabbing shots at night or indoors.

In the same way, it does with earlier Pixel phones, google and google is offering free, unlimited Google Images storage for all your full resolution photos and video clips you get with the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL.


Google Pixel 3 or Google Pixel 3 XL work Google android 9.0 Pie. They ditch the older home, back, and new buttons in favor of the brand original gesture navigation.

From the following month, Google Assistant will be enhanced having the ability to screen spam calls, answer for you, and provide a transcription to decide whether to stop them or phone back. The brand new Pixels may also be the first to get the capability to make demands you and carry out tasks like generating restaurant reservations.

If you are using your Pixel 3 or 3 XL with the brand new Pixel Stand, then you’ll also acquire specific one-touch shortcuts or tone of voice commands to enable you to check your schedule and more.


The Google and google Pixel 3 begins from $799 along with the Pixel 3 XL starts at $899. If you want the bigger 128GB storage capacity of either, you will be charged you a supplementary $100. Both of the phones are available nowadays.



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