Google Pixel 3 phone is available to automate more daily tasks

NEW YORK – It is not much about the physical details of Google’s new Google pixel 3 phone that you can not find elsewhere. Which more significant presence and curved design? Apple and Samsung phones have already been.

However, Google pixel does not want people to solve their hardware. It is a representation of Google’s latest leaders in software, especially in artificial intelligence.

Google wants you to manage your everyday life, writing the bad things you want to talk about. The software examines how Google adjusts its strength in personality – and often makes money through ads in the process.

You will get free services in order to allow Google to deeper into your life. The Google Pixel 3 is not too easy to work for everyone unaccompanied with that traffic.

As an impressive example of Google’s ambitions, however, AI is still new to work to get us meanings. This can not come up to a Google Pixel 9 or Google Pixel 13. Pixel 3, starting from Thursday, is $ 800 for anyone who can not wait.


Now it is great that you have an automated call from a telemarketer lower north or southwest movements. Google will now get you back with an automated reply.

If a mystery calls, then click on “Skilje.” The specificity of Google takes over and asks for a name and purpose of the call. Reliable answers appear in real, so you can decide if you take. You can even ask for more information by clicking Buttons such as “Tell me more.”

It is a good concept, although it is not clear that it takes time. You still have to follow the reason for the voice assistant. Calling and hanging would often be harder. Often, Google’s assistant may treat one day with you all without even placing the phone down, based on the answer whether your game “Fortnite” breaks.

However, legitimate educators still have to endure. It does not need any help that I have retained “I can not understand it” to ask girls to keep going back to a robot.


See the camera on a business card, flyer or other printed text, and Google will try to get phone numbers and addresses. It also works with QR and Barcodes.

If this trust sounds, it is because it is. Last year’s Google Pixel 3 phone had this Google Lens feature, while Samsung has a similar feature named Bixby Vision. The difference: before you may have something to activate a function. Now it is automatic.

The feature is most useful if you have a business card or quicker than you are ready to make a call, trying to get a website or directions through Google Maps.

You need to require a few extra points to give the information to your contact list. Then the order of tagging is numbered for home, work or cell, and what context you have put in this person. That many governments can enhance you for stacking these business phases.


Place the phone on an optional $ 79-pixel stand-up station, and you can see a rotating set of images of an album you chose. Alternatively, you can trust Google to select the best articles. In short, you can just let Google’s face recognition technique, including new shots when you take it (although not in the European Union, where privacy regulations are precise).


The photo exhibition brings you back momma bar, as images from past travels, marriages and family businesses come up. If only Google were sufficient enough not to see the party cards for the public, seriously.

The position works well as bedding. To provide your alarm. In the morning, one car takes the weather, the upcoming calendar, and details about the trip on your trip. It is not perfect, however: Google still has not worked out that I do not have a car and no use for scrutiny. Alternatively, I do not need information about the weekend.


Just smile or make a sedentary face for the selfie camera to take the shot automatically. For regular photographs, Google adds additional options as alternatives, as a result of blocking or blocking the view, although Google’s recommendations are not always dirty, as even people can not even think about what’s best for them.

The camera also uses software to combine combinations of different revisions of images that are quite full in some spaces so that the shots appear sharper than usual. It starts to convince the line of digital manipulation, but photos are beautiful.

It is not a replacement for a real show, which offers the latest Apple and Samsung phone through a second lens. Google changes to software for making what’s happening in hardware.

A comment on PRIVACY

Google exceptions note that many of the AI? analyzes are on the phone, not Google’s servers. Writing writings, for example, all interactions remain private if you record the number as spam, after which it is added to Google’s database as the warning for others. The essential characterization for the feature of Google Lens and the image of the camera is also done on the device.


However, instead, replace Google Lens features, such as displaying museums, must submit the data to Google’s servers. Maybe most of the applications you make on the Google pixels.



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