Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain If you’re trying to gain weight or you’re struggling to stop your weight loss try eating snacks in between your meals. Not all snacks are created equal though to maximize your calories and the quality of your diet.

Have a combination of fat carbohydrates and protein. About two hours after your last meal. Here are some of my favourite snacks. A banana with any nut butter almond or peanut butter for example if you’re constipated. Stay away from bananas and opt for an apple instead.

Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Alternatively you could spread your nut butter on a toasted Whole Wheat English muffin or toast if you prefer you can melt a slice of cheese there instead the full fat plain Greek yoghurt makes for a great snack as well mash some berries in for some added sweetness along with some cinnamon and a drop of vanilla then top it off with some chopped nuts for a crunch and if you don’t have diabetes you add granola as well mashing in your berries is a lot less sugar than buying the fruit flavoured yoghurts.

If you can’t find full fat plain Greek yoghurt, then choose the whole fat plain yoghurt or 2% Greek yoghurt instead a quart a cup of Clemens or other bean death with carrot bell pepper and celery also make for a great snack.

If you do not have diabetes, you could opt for whole week pita chips or a slice of wheat. Post as an alternative a hard boiled egg mashed with full-fat mayonnaise and a mini whole wheat pita is also a great start.

I seasoned mine with paprika human salt pepper and a bit of chopped parsley. Some Turkey brass slices rolled up around avocado, or some string cheese goes great with a handful of grapes. You could have whole milk ricotta or cottage cheese with sliced strawberries or some melon as well. Chocolate milk also makes for a great nutritious and tasty snack.Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Don’t forget to snack when you’re on the take a snack baggie full of nuts and dried fruit or nutrition bar rich in protein. Looks for one with at least eight grams of protein and five grams of fat. Thank you for joining me to learn about healthy snacking for weight gain.


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