Heart attack: Women should get help sooner than men


Heart attack: Women should get help sooner than men: A new European study has found that women have to take more prolonged periods to help in heart attacks, researchers now urge those women who experience symptoms – which have been observed in men May be different from – for immediate medical attention.

Heart attack: Women should get help sooner than menHeart attack: Women should get help sooner than men

Completed by research workers in Zurich, Trimley Clinic of Switzerland, the new analysis saw a total of 4,360 patients, of which 9 67 women and 3,393 were men with st-segment severe elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) Was done in.

Conclusions posted in the European Center Journal: The publication of the modern Western culture of Cardiology (ESC), acute cardiovascular treatment showed that women have a 37-minute heart attack compared to men before contacting medical services.

Review writer Dr Mathias Meyer said, “Women who use heart attacks are less likely to identify symptoms of men than men, for which urgent treatment is needed.” He said that girls can wait for a long time due to the common myth that the problems of the heart usually occur in males and because the chest pain is experienced and still the left hand will be the most widely known symptoms.

Dr Mayer discussed, “Women and men have an equal amount of pain during their heart attack, but the location may vary.” “People who have pain in the upper body and are kept in hand, they think that it is a coronary attack, and these are common symptoms for men. Women often have back, shoulders or stomach ache.”

Despite the misconception that most men experience heart attacks, they are common among women, and ischemic cardiovascular disease is the main reason behind death among both men and women.

Generally, males are 8 to 10 years older than men when they have coronary attacks, and they experience various symptoms, but men and women benefit equally with active treatment.

Cardiovascular disorders, cardiovascular muscles can be saved quickly by restoring blood circulation due to severe obstruction of the artery to supply blood vessels at the centre, may cause low dead cells, low failure of heart failure, And there is less risk of death.

“Every minute is calculated when you have a heart attack. See the average for the severe inconvenience, including pain in the chest, throat, neck, again, belly or shoulder blade, which is maintained for more than 15 minutes.

It is combined with nausea, cold sweat, weakness, lack of breath, or fear, “the mayor said.



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