How To Control High Blood Pressure with Exercise in a Pill


How To Control High Blood Pressure with Exercise in a Pill: A finding of a function in the liver can create a new way to control blood pressure – a tablet that mimics the effect of exercise – according to a recent study in the journal Cell reports.

How To Control High Blood Pressure with Exercise in a PillHow To Control High Blood Pressure with Exercise in a Pill

The idea is that the tablet will increase the level of the body of a compound, which in Toledo University scientists in Ohio says that it helps to control blood pressure without exercising more or eating less salt.

High Sodium Consumption – An Important Risk Factor for High Blood Pressure – Reduces the supply of body compounds, which is a catenoid called beta-hydroxybutyrate. When it metabolizes fatty acids, the liver generates it.


Senior study author Bina Joe, professor of physiology and pharmacology department at Toledo University, says that his study is the first person to present the concept of targeting liver function to control blood pressure.

When he and his team looked through previous studies, they found that some saw the beta-hydroxybutyrate level rising with exercise or calorie restriction, both of which were known to reduce blood pressure.

“The production of ketone bodies,” he says, “increases the speed of energy-deficit, such as calorie restriction and long-term exercise, both of which are related to the health benefits of reducing blood pressure.”

His study published in the Journal Cell Reports adds new information to this picture: It states that eating a high diet in salt has the opposite effect.

Professor Joe says, “Our team,” found that the consumption of high salt reduces beta-hydroxybutyrate spreading levels. ”

“When we put beta-hydroxybutyrate back into the system, normal blood pressure is restored,” he said further.

Reduce swelling of the kidneys

High blood pressure And hypertension affects about one-third of adults in the United States and is also affecting young people too rapidly.

This condition is a potentially dangerous health problem, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is a threat to the U.S. There are two primary reasons for death in

For the recent study, scientists fed rats to 1,3-Butanediol, which are converted into enzyme beta-hydroxybutyrate in the liver, before it travels to the kidneys.

They found that when it reached the kidney, beta-hydroxybutyrate reduced inflammation, which in turn reduced blood pressures.

“By fixing the kidney,” Professor Joe explains, “it is indirectly contributing to reducing blood pressure.”

Options for those who can not exercise

Researchers already see that there may be similar effects on the other organ and systems of the compounds such as the heart, brain, and blood vessels.

They are also planning to compare the levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate with high blood pressure and non-people.

Further research is required to assess the best dose of blood pressure control and its safety and the side effects of the 1,3-Butanediol.

After that, funding is happening once; they want to begin clinical trials.

The value of their findings, they suggest that people can be able to control their blood pressure without just going to the gym, but they provide an option for those who are not able to raise their children for various reasons Are exercise levels.





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