How to Control your Mind: If you want to do something big in your life, then the most important thing for it is that your mind, that is, your mind, should be completely under your control and not control you.

Nowadays, the brain of about 90% people is controlling them and not their mind and this is the biggest reason that they are unable to do anything different from others and fail to do what they think.

How to Control your Mind ?

How to Control your Mind

But today I am going to tell you about such a method, knowing that you will be able to control your mind and get it done the way you want. The brain of humans is not only of this body but the world’s most dated company and gun.

What your brain can do right now, maybe you don’t know this because your brain right now. It tells you that by resting and resting, you waste all your energy in trying to give maximum comfort to the body that is in it.

Now you will know that there are two main parts of our brain, first of all in the mind mind and second of all, if I can say in simple terms, then our concept machine is responsible for our decisions which we help our information and pass experience.

Take from Like if I tell you to run away in the middle of the night, will you go? Not a holiday because your conscience will tell you that the night is for sleeping. Therefore, we will not go running now.

But all our conscience mind, which is not defined by our mind, is defining percentage and controls all your important work like communicator things like heartbeat, blood flow. Today, from the method we are going to talk, we will learn to control all our constables.

How to Control your Mind ?
Concious Mind & Sub Concious Mind

The name of this method is The Silva Mind Control Method Let’s first know where this method came from.

1996. The technic was invented by Jose Silva, a radio repair man from the city of Loreto, Texas. He had a lot of interest in the human mind. By reading the books of big neurologists and psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud Kaal Jung, he kept trying to learn more and more about the human mind.

Silva was an engineer and he knew that if we reduce the current resistance in electric wires, then more current can flow from it. Keeping this theory in mind, he thought that what if he could reduce the blockages in the human mind, then it would increase our thinking power and on that basis he used it on many people.

In this experiment, he saw that these exercises are the level of the alpha level machine that is changing in the alpha level of the mind in which we mediate it at the time of full focus. At Alpha Level we activate our deep mind.

Silva discovered that if any person reaches his alpha level even while conscious, that is, he will put all his desire into the mine. If he has to top or he needs to become a successful man, then all his mind’s mind will start to do that work. And inadvertently, now you will start doing all the work that you need to become a topper or a successful man.

Many people in the world have fulfilled their dreams using this method. Let us now see what this method is.

The Silva method. has five main pillars based on which this method works.

1 Alpha Level Programming: Alpha level programming is that through which you can remain mindless and take your mind to the alpha level, like any demand, to get rid of the negativity and best shots.

You can calm the turmoil in your mind. When you are in the normal set, the frequency of your brain is something like this, but when you are in alpha level, then its frequency becomes something like this. By going to alpha level, you can make your mind more creative because the basic work of our mind is of creativity.

Not to store the thoughts and in alpha level you will remove all your thoughts so that they will be empty minded and your creativity will be highest there. But many people have a lot of problem in going to alpha level and due to many race successes, if they are not able to go to alpha level, then for this also Silva has created many techniques.

In one of these, you can go to alpha level in just 10 seconds. After this amazing that you can go to your alpha level and programming your mind in just 10 seconds. That is, you can tell him how to work. I will discuss this 10 second technique further how you will be able to do this. And if you become a master at alpha level, then you will change your life like a miracle.

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You will start focusing well in your work, which will increase the productivity of your work even more and you will start to finish the work that you used to leave for the time being.

2. Positive programming: From childhood till today, people around us inadvertently took consultants by our friends our parents. Negative programming has been happening in our brain. Due to this negative programming, we are not able to make our design goal i.e. what we really want to do.

Since childhood, you must have heard a word many times. Luck, if you do not get success in any work, then how do you directly cast it, or in my luck, it was written to be like this and in such a way you create a negative energy around you, after which you can also do something Can’t think positive because this negative programming has been in your mind since childhood.

Very few people think that I must have done something wrong in this and they analyze it well and do that work again. If you see all the successful people, then they did not leave their success in the hope of luck.

They failed that many times with their own hard work and did that work and positive programming will change your mind just like that after which you will start taking responsibility for your work yourself and start keeping a positive mindset in everything. Silva also created several methods for positive programming.

3, Creative Visualization: You must have made a plan many times and visualized that plan, that I will do this work and will complete everything for so long but your work cannot be done that way. You cannot do the same as you did to his visual vice and you get upset as to why your visualization is not working.

Now there can be many reasons for it not working, such as not having realistic check points or no check points at all.

example, if you want to study for exam then you think. Today I will complete these two chapters.

Then tomorrow both of these but you can’t do the way you thought because maybe you have done the same thing in the same time before. You have already done four chapters of chemistry in two days, but if you try to do four chapters of maths in the same time, it will not be possible. So I explained it to you by taking a very basic sample.

But when taking a big company decision in life, it is very important to get our visualization right and da Silva Method helps to make our visualization creative and practical.

4, Desire Believe and Expect: There will be none of you who do not want to be successful in their life. Every person has some desire in his or her life, but most people do not know where to start.

Silva discovered after 13 years of research that it is very important to follow these three steps to become successful in life. First of all, you should have strong burning desire towards your goal. not be that today you like to sing.

So you thought I would become a singer but after some time you start getting bored with it and you think that you can become a good dancer, then it is not your strong desire. Your dream should be solid and unwavering. Step number two should be your parcel bailiff that I can do this work.

I can fulfill my dreams Nothing can stop me from doing so. And what one. Even after failing ten times. Your bailiff should not decrease. You only have to think what if you failed. They are all but I can do this. And the third step is expected C i.e. before getting the result from your core, hope that yes I have received it.

Treating you in the same way that you are successful. Like this is my website, but if you have noticed, then I am running My Websiteas if I become a big blogger. But I do all the work that I will do after being successful on Bloging. DeSilva is the fifth pillar of Method.

5, DeSilva Lifestyle: Silva studied many successful people and one thing came out in all of them that all those successful people used to follow a daily routine in their life. We believe that following the daily routine was a very small thing.

But by following the daily routine, you get a lot of benefits like you have full focus in doing these things. You would feel energetic all day. Following the daily routine reaches into itself. If you want me to make a Article on this, you can Sharing This Post And Following my own website. It is very easy to follow the daily routine of DeSilva Method.

For example, doing meditation in the morning, visualizing in the afternoon and alpha level exercises before going to bed at night do not require much time and effort to follow this routine. You can do all these things by taking out half an hour in a day. 10 minutes meditation will be heard in 10 minutes and how effective it is at 10 minutes alpha level. Silva also did an experiment for this. Silva formed two groups.

And told both of them to work the beans. The first two groups did their work, the productivity of both groups came almost equal. Then Silva asked one of the groups to follow his Silva Method routine and now when the levels of both groups were seen, he increased the productivity of the group who followed that routine.

Now you might be thinking that dude Silva Matter looks very powerful but we have not yet understood how to do it. If you are watching this video till now, then you have really learned something today and I want you to analyze it well. See for yourself what you are doing and not what is it that you should also do.

Once you thoroughly analyze the five nurses of DeSilva Method, then I will tell you how to use this technique. This Story is very long and if I tell you so many things in one Article, then you probably will not be able to digest it properly, so I understood you very well in the next Article of Da Silva Method.


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