How to Gain Weight Fast and increase weight


Today’s diet plan is for those who want to increase their weight, but to increase pressure and increase weight properly, these are two different things. If you feel that you have to eat anything in the entire day to increase the weight or you can eat anything sweeter then it is not the right way to increase the weight the pressure.

How to Gain Weight Fast and increase weight

How to Gain Weight Fast & increase weight

This can cause you to become obese and gradually develop many obesity diseases. So today I have brought you all the day’s diet plan which if you follow correctly you will be able to gain weight properly. So if this topic is your meaning and you want to Read more story, then please do this Article well and also subscribe to our site so that such a user story can reach you first.

So let’s start the beginning of the day, we will take light warm water with lukewarm water, and one to two glasses of lukewarm water were sitting in one place, drinking Pure hot water in the morning, toxins emit from our body. Our muscles relax, and blood circulation gets even better. After half an hour of drinking water take good almonds and walnuts. By eating soaking, its benefits also increase, and it becomes easier to digest.

Now after this, you must also remove an hourly vodka, i.e. for excise. The weight that is needed for weight loss is also essential for weight gain, and any diet will work only when you workout with it. Therefore, it is necessary to remove time and if possible, in the morning time. In this, you can do weight training or yoga jogging or swimming etc.

Proper nutrition can come from a workout, this time you can make shake because your body needs energy, but it is also a healthy way to make it. Do not use sugar in it at all. To make it, you can take full cream, ie creamy milk. In it, you can avoid two bananas, which you can not put as much as almond cashew nut raisins can put them all. If you have to pour some sweet, then you can put honey.

And in this way prepare a Tasty and Healthy Shake, and after coming out from the workout, take one hour after taking this shake and breakfast anytime, no matter how much you choose, never miss your breakfast. By making a healthy nutrition breakfast, your energy is kept throughout the day, and you feel more active. In lunch, you can take Stuffed Parathas or Poha Idli sambhar sima cheese natives or any proper signage or child.

Take one of these things and take your favourite tea together. After two hours of breakfast, you can now eat fruits which you can eat seasonal fruits in your city. Like apple pear melon watermelon grapes Pineapple strawberries 20 of this. Papaya raw yarn also gives fibre to our body, and many nutrients also come after two hours of eating fruit. You have to take all these things in the lunch. 2 Chapati or around rice, one circular pulse or any curry one speaking curry and curd. After two to three hours of lunch, you can take your favourite tea.

If you take green tea, then it is best. Otherwise, you can take milk tea too. Take a healthy snack with tea, such as roasted makhane oats or brick cookies Murmur popcorn peanut butter manage or dhokla. And the diner’s turn came two to three hours after that. Dinner should be the lightest mile of your day. First of all, take a salad at lunch. After this, you can make two chapatis. A lentil or vegetable with it If you still feel hungry after dinner, then you can take lukewarm milk one hour before sleeping at night.

How to Gain Weight Fast and increase weight
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You can put honey in it or take dates with it. Now let’s see what else you can take in the Diet. If you want to eat some sweet after any mile, then you can take a piece of dark chocolate. In the same way, you can make potatoes or sweet potatoes in your diet, but do not boil it. In the same way, taking high-fat dairy will also benefit. Such as creamy milk curd or cheese. That’s the whole diet plan is about 17 hundred calories, and if you follow it exactly like this, then you will be able to gain weight of 3 to 5 kg in a month.

Do not eat outside food at all. Do not consume more fried or spicy food. Avoid sugar and do not miss workouts at all. Along with this, also keep in mind that your 7 to 8 hours of sleep must be done and do not take any stress. So if you take care of these things along with proper diet and exercise, then the weight will quickly increase.
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