How to Gain Weight Fast


How To Gain Weight

To Gain your weight, you need to eat more calories than your body burns.

It does not matter if you think you eat a lot. If your average calorie intake is lower than your calorie expenditure, then you have not to Gain weight. You need to make a caloric surplus to grow. You will have to eat more than ever to prevent weight loss and thinning.

This is a definitive guide to skinny friends, and ectomorphs to Gain weight naturally.

Why can not you get the Gain weight

Skinny people usually think that they can eat anything without Gain weight. They believe that they can eat junk food all day because they have a healthy metabolism. Some people believe that their importance can not increase because they can not digest the food they eat, remain tense, or “insects” …

Here Are the truth: you can eat everything you need without losing weight because you do not overeat. I know that you think that you do, but you do not – otherwise, you are not thin. Actually.

Track your daily calorie intake for evidence. Spend the next week everything you eat in an app like myfitnesspal. You will see that you are not consuming many calories. This is the main reason that you do not weight gain. Skinny men always doubt how much they eat.

This does not mean that a high metabolism does not exist. Some people have a hard time getting the weight because they are more active (handgun fiddlers more). Others are naturally thin because they have small frames, and thus, they are not born large and robust (ectomorphs).

But every slender man, hardener and ectomorph, who eats more calories than weighing weight. If you have a high metabolism, thin formation, or poor genetics, then it does not make any difference. The only difference is that you will needs to eat more food than the average person to gain weight and grow.

Stop believing that you can not change your body due to your metabolism. Stop thinking that you will always be slim because everyone in your family is there. Begin to Understand This is mostly the subject of nutrition. Eat more calories than you burn – and your weight will increase. It’s easy. It’s easy.

How to Gain Weight Fast

There are three material nutrition, training, and continuity going from thin to muscular. are the hardest tips to Gain weight for light hardener and ectomorphs …

  • Eat more. Eat more calories than your body burns depending on your metabolism and level of activity. But if you are not Gain weight, then you are not eating enough.
  • Eat more Small meals are more comfortable to eat than older people. They do not make you feel full. First, wake up, have breakfast, and then eat 3-4 more meals a day.
  • Eat Caloric Dense Foods. Higher meals in carbs and fat contain more calories per serving. To make a calorie surplus, there is less to eat — wholesale on pasta, dried fruits, nuts, etc.
  • Eat more protein To recover from your workout and to grow. Your muscles need protein. Eat a full source of protein with each meal – meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Get Liquid. Mixed food is digested more quickly than the solid food. Make weight gainer shakes by combining oats, milk, banana, peanut butter, and whey protein in your blender.
  • Track calories Skinny people estimate how much they are eating. They think they eat a lot, but they do not. Track your calorie intake to make sure you are eating enough to gain weight.
  • Heavy lifting. Stop wasting time with curls and flies. Instead, make compounds like free weights, squats, and deadlifts. They take advantage of more strength and muscles to gain weight.
  • Be consistent. If you eat petite today, but in the rest of the week, you have not increased weight. To increase the weight of your body, you should eat more consistently than your burn.

Weight target for men

How much weight should you take to look slim? A simple rule is that your height is centimeter, 100 is in place, and your target is weighed in kg. Anything less, you will always look thin. The minimum goal for small people is a table with weight and maximum muscle weight.

As an example, I am the type of ectomorph with a small frame, narrow waist, and long limbs. My weight is 77kg / 170lb 1m73 / 5’8 is 170. I am not a big man, but those who meet me always, I Gain weight.

Eat more food

To increase your weight, you need to eat more calories than your body burns. Do not go after feeling that it is easy to reduce your calorie intake. Instead, start by tracking what you eat. Find out how much calories you need to increase your weight. Then take more calories.

A useful calorie calculator will recommend 16kcal / lb of body weight to maintain your weight. For a thin baby of 135 lb / 60 kg, which is approximately 2112kcal / day. This number does not need to be 100% correct. You are just looking for the starting point and are optimizing your diet intake based on you are progress.

500 calories per day to gain weight. Two thousand one hundred twelve calories for maintenance of 60 kg / 135 LB of thin man becomes 2612 Kcal/day. To make things simpler, make it a 2600kcal goal: it is no surgery, and calorie on the foods label is not 100% accurate anyway. Good bowling is good.

If you want to Gain your weight fast and are not interested in getting some extra belly fat, add 1000kcal / day. So for a thin kid of 60 kg / 135 pounds, 3100kcal / day. However, it is easy to start with 500kcal / day extra so that your body gets used to eating more food.

Keep your average daily calorie intake at the end of the week and month, which determines whether your weight will increase or not. If you consume 3100kcal today, but then only 1500kcal in the next three days, then it is unlikely that you will gain weight. You will have to eat more often. Beat your number every day.

In the beginning, it is reasonable to fight for your calorie intake every day. But when you eat more, then your stomach will grow. In two weeks you will have an easy time to eat your calories. You will feel more hungry.

Follow the progress

Follow your progress by weighing yourself each week. Every time you do the same time and day, ideally after waking up, first thing, after pissing, you should not consider yourself every day, your weight will be your stomach / intestinal content, water/salt consumption, etc. Grows daily based on. This will confuse you.

Try to Gain weight 0.5kg / 1lb in one week. Thin people who start with malnutrition often get more benefits in the first weeks. But this is mainly due to an increase in intestinal / stomach contents and excess weight of water. Remember that you can get the maximum lean muscle of 0.5 LB on average, in a week.

If you increase your weight, then continue to eat the same calories. If you do not gain weight for two weeks even after consuming the same amount of calories every day, then reduce your calorie intake. Add another 500kcal / day and verify what happens. Repeat until the weight grows.

This means that the consumption of food, which gives you the benefit of 10kg / 20lb before, will not give you the advantage of your next 10kg / 20lb. Slim men with lower muscles require fewer calories than older people because they burn fewer calories comfortably. The larger you are, the more you will have food to grow.

Eat more protein

Eat 0.82 grams of protein per day body weight per day for muscle building and retrieval. There is a protein of about 100 grams per day for a thin man of 132 pounds / 60 kilograms. You can quickly kill these numbers by eating the complete protein source with each meal. These are some excellent sources of protein for weight gain:

  • Steak, ground round
  • Chicken breasts, chicken thighs
  • Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines
  • Curd, cheese, milk
  • All eggs

To increase the weight, the ratio of carbohydrate and fat to macronutrients is meager. The most important thing is that you eat more calories than your body burns. To develop muscles, it is more than 0.82 grams per protein per day as per body weight. Then fill the rest with carbohydrates and fats so that you can kill your calories. Keep it simple.

Do not make the mistake of avoiding carbohydrate and fat because you are afraid of being fat. Carbohydrate and fat have more calories than proteins. If you avoid them, then you are making it more expensive to gain weight. However, most people can not get muscle and mass without gaining weight.

eat more

Suppose you need a 3500kcal / day to gain weight. It is easy to eat five meals of 700kcal compared to three snacks of 1150kcal. For years your stomach is smaller than eating like a bird. Big food forces you to try to eliminate your diet, and you may feel like throwing it. Eat a small meal instead.

Increase your food window by getting up early and eating breakfast. Many thinners eat nothing for breakfast, a bagel in the afternoon and then pizza for dinner. Your food window is less than 10 hours long. This is the reason why they can not gain weight: they have only two meals with zero calories before noon.

You need eight hours of sleep, which takes 16 hours to eat. If you distribute your food within 16 hours, then it is easy to increase weight. Your diet may be small, there may be a break in your stomach, and you will not feel stress all the time. Here’s an example of a diet plan for weight gain …

  • Breakfast at 7 o’clock – porridge, raisins, curd, milk
  • At 10 a.m. snack – mixed nuts, banana
  • Lunch at 1 pm – Chicken, Pasta, Parmesan
  • Breakfast at 4 o’clock – Nut.
  • 7 pm – Steak with Potato

This meal plan is complicated if you only eat between noon and sleeping. You should eat five small meals every two hours, or between three and 1000 calories every three hours. Most thin people cannotcannot do more than a day or two before leaving. They are not hungry, and their stomach is small.

Intermittent fasting is a terrible idea for thin men who want to gain a lot of weight. Reduce your window to eat eight hours a day. This is an excellent strategy if you’re going to limit the amount of food to lose or maintain fat. But not to increase the weight of your body.

Get up early, eat breakfast, and then eat three to four more meals a day.

Eat Calories Dense Foods

Vegetables are healthy, but they do not contain too many calories. The salad of 100 grams contains only 25kcal whereas 100g paste is 380kcal – 15x more. If you eat foods that contain more calories per serving, then it is easy to gain weight. You have to eat less to reach your daily surplus of calories.

The best foods for weight gain are high in carbohydrates and fat. Vegetables are low in both. This is the reason why they are excellent for losing fat, but not to grow. This does not mean that you should not eat vegetables. But most of your diet should contain calorie intake. Here are the best to gain weight …

  • Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Peanut Butter, Blended Nuts, Scar Blends, …
  • Dried fruits: raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, …
  • Dairy: whole milk, full-fat curd, cheese, …
  • Cereals: Pasta, Rice, Oats, Roti, Sandwich, …
  • Potatoes, sweet potato, yam, …
  • Fat: Olive oil, coconut, avocado, …
  • Meat: Chicken, pork, fatty fish…

Junk food lures to increase weight because it is calorie intensive. McDonald’s is cheaper and higher in fat and fat. Along with kebabs, chips, cookies, fries, ice cream, etc. but eating a lot of junk food causes bad eating habits to arise, which for a long time gives you especially around your stomach.

Yes, the amount of food most matters to gain weight. But the quality of food also matters. You are going to lift heavy loads to convert that food into extra muscle mass. Eating quality food supplies vitamins and minerals to your muscles for recovery of tissue. It maximizes the strength and benefits of muscles.

This does not mean that you should turn into a healthy fad which never eats junk food. You can cheat once in a while – I do. But that beer, cake, or ice cream should be a cure. It should not be a big part of your diet. Perto’s law is a good guideline – 90% quality food, 10% junk

Drink menu ginger shake

By mixing your food in liquid form, is digested more quickly than the solid food. The combination works like former digestion by breaking the diet for you. You will not feel full till then and can eat again and again. If you get some of your calories in liquid form, then it is easy to lose weight.

The easiest way is to take advantage of your large scale shakes. They take only five minutes, which makes it easy to hit your calorie surplus every day. Here is a simple 1000 calorie home-made mass recipe for slim people who want to gain weight …

100 grams oats
1x banana
1 tbsp peanut butter
300 ml of milk
Whey protein two scoop

Just mix it in your blender. This shake will give you 1048 calories from 80g protein, 120g carb, and 28g fat. Drink one for breakfast, and you have one-third way for your daily calorie surplus. If you eat two solid food and some snacks in the rest of the day, you will quickly lose weight.

Avoid weight gain supplements. They are usually filled with cheap sugars that make you fat and goose. Buy natural whey protein instead, and increase your weight with oats and milk. It is cheap, but also healthier because instead of fake Chinese, you get vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

And if you are lazy, then just milk. One liter of whole milk contains 600kcal and 33g protein. It is 1200kcal in two liters. Four liters is 2400kcal. The juice is tasty, portable, and requires no preparation. Drinking one gallon of milk a day is extreme, but it is useful for weight gain. Check out the GOMAD guide.

Treat food like training.

Most thin people who want to gain weight find that training is difficult to eat. This is normal because you are only training about one hour of Strengthlift 5 × 5 three times a week. But you have to eat four to five times a day, seven times a week during the 16-hour eating window.

So failure is to fail the plan. You do not go to the gym, and then you wonder what to do. You have an idea: Stronglifts 5 × 5 Similarly, do not open the fridge to leave it blank and then ask what the food is. You have made your weekly purchases and have planned a diet to gain weight.

You are doing the same exercise every week in StrongLift 5 × 5. There is no variation other than weight. One of the many benefits is that it is easy to comply with the program (and the one that you defended is the best). You can apply the same strategy for your nutrition by eating the same every day.

This means that you get variety by eating a different meal each time. But you only eat four to five meals every day. If it seems repetitive, most people eat at any time (80/20 rule) most of the time. Also, when you get bored with your diet, you change some food and continue.

Eating the same thing every day will make your shopping list more manageable. You have less content to buy and multiply only for seven days. It’s cheap because you can buy more quantity. It is better to do your shopping, and there is less chance that you leave the food in the middle of the week and then leave the menu.

Pre-Cook Prepare your food for the morning (get up 45 minutes early) or when you return home. Pass the lot on Sunday afternoon to cook your diet during the week or so. Do not leave home without eating and then ask yourself what to eat at school/work.

Just put some mixed nuts or mark the mixture in its box — more than 500kcal in 100g.


Weight lifting activates your body to build muscle. Your body uses the food you eat to repair your muscles and make new ones. Increasing appetite also increases what helps you eat more.

If you do not lift or do not lift correctly, any extra food you are eating will be stored in fat. It happens that people who consume more calories than they burn, their body stores excess energy in the form of fat, usually around their stomach. You want to go from the skin to the muscles, not the roundabouts.

So you should pick it up. Here are the basic rules of lifting for thin people. If you are hardener like me or an ectomorph, then the only way to boost it is to increase your body weight …

Free weight More effective than machines because you have to balance the pressure yourself. Protect because you control how the bar runs. More effective than the dumbbell because the load is heavy and you can add just 0.5 kg / 1 lb per exercise.

Compound exercises Squats, Deadlifts, Benches, Presses, Rows These exercises work many muscles at the same time, with the most substantial weight. Accelerate maximum strength and muscle growth throughout the body. Big Five should be a big part of your routine.

Progressive overload Always tries to lift more weight than the last time. This forces your body to get stronger and muscles, so you are exposing it. If you lift the same weight all the time, then you can not build muscle. You have to add weight.

Proper way. To develop the right muscle, you must work with a full range of movement to your muscles. Half squats give you half gains. The proper shape also prevents injuries and helps you lift heavy objects, so you get more strength and muscles.

Break. The muscles need rest to recover from their workouts. If you train them with Brazilian practice every day, then they can not grow. Skinny friends do not need more than three complete physical exercises in a week. By winning more, you will not gain weight. For eating more calories

The more you do in the gym, the more calories you will burn and in this way you will have to eat to get a surplus of calories. That’s why cardio is not a good idea. Minimize hard to achieve muscle.

Do a proven training program to work instead of doing yours. You do not want to risk losing time and effort without getting anywhere. Just do StrongLifts 5 × 5; it only takes three times a week, and it comes with a free application that guides you through each workout.

  • How can I gain weight quickly?
  • Start eating 10-15% more calories per day, every day.
  • For most men, that means eating between 250 and 400 extra calories per day.
  • You can get it quickly by eating 15-20 prunes a day as a snack.
  • The key is to eat more calories than you burn consistently.
  • How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?
  • eating more calories than your body burns.

Some people have thyroid problems (such as hyperthyroidism) that increase their metabolism and cause weight loss.

  • But most thin men, including ectomorphs like me, do not eat enough calories.
  • Start eating more calories than you burn, steadily, and you will gain weight.
  • This starts by tracking your daily calorie intake with an application like myfitnesspal.
  • That will show you that you are not eating much in the first place.
  • Then you start eating more: 10-15% of extra calories per day.
  • Do this, and you will gain weight.
  • How can I gain weight in 7 days?
  • Eat 15% more calories each day. Take 5 g of creatine monohydrate every day.
  • You will easily weigh 5 pounds more within seven days.
  • Of course, there will not be five pounds of muscle.
  • It will mostly be the water retention of creatine.

Because you can gain only about half a pound of muscles in a week using natural methods (without steroids).

If you want to gain muscle, it will take you more than seven days.

Most men take a year to gain 20-25 pounds of muscle naturally.

It is not possible to gain muscle faster than that unless you take steroids.

How can I gain my weight in a month?

For extremely skinny, lightweight, hard and ectomorphic people, the best way is to drink a gallon of whole milk a day.

This is GOMAD: add 2,400 calories a day, which creates a surplus of calories for you to gain weight quickly.

It is possible to earn 25 lbs in 25 days with GOMAD.

Why can not I gain weight despite eating a lot?

Because you are not eating much, otherwise, you would not be skinny.

Install myfitnesspal and keep track of everything you eat for a week. Most men need at least 2500 calories a day to maintain their body weight. You will see that you are hardly eating that. That’s why you’re not eating weight.

It does not matter if you eat a lot of junk food or a big pizza here and there. If your average daily caloric intake does not exceed maintenance, you will not gain weight.

Because it does not matter how big or fatty a meal is. What matter is how many calories you eat.

Record your calories, and you will get proof that you are not eating as much as you think.

best exercises to gain weight?

Heavy compound exercises like squats and deadlifts the best exercises to gain muscle weight.

Stress your body and muscles with heavy weight. This increases your testosterone level and makes you build muscle.

Turn on the light so you can concentrate on the shape and gradually increase the weight. Check StrongLifts 5 × 5.

What foods help you gain weight?

The best foods for weight gain are foods that are dense calories.

Calorie-dense foods make weight gain easier because you get more calories per serving.

Quickly reach a surplus of calories (more calories than outside). It is more efficient when eating low-calorie foods.

Liquid food also help you gain weight because they digest faster than solid foods.

This means that if you eat liquid foods compared to solids, you can eat again faster.

Here is some of the best foods to gain weight:

Whole milk. Milk is portable, and a liter contains 600 calories and 30 grams of protein.
Dry plumage There are around 500 calories in 20 plums. Prunes are also portable and tasty.

Mixed nuts. High protein, high fat, compact, it is not cooked. Serving 500kcal per 100 grams per serving

  • Pasta. 350kcal / 100g Dry pasta (before cooking). If you add sauce/paneer then quickly 500kcal
  • Peanut butter. 100kcal / spoon Peanut butter sandwich can be easily every 400kcal.
  • Oatmeal. 200kcal / 50g If you mix banana, peanut butter, and whole milk, then easily 500kcal.
  • Rice. 350kcal / 100g of dry rice (before cooking). Add chicken breasts, and you get 500kcal.

How many calories should I eats in the day to gain weight?

10-15% more than maintenance.

  • Most people require 2,500 to 2,800 calories to maintain their body weight.
  • So when eating 400kcal / day extra, you will lose weight.
  • This means a total of 2,900 to 3,200 calorie meals per day.
  • You can quickly get there by eating 20 dried plums a day in the form of a sandwich.
  • Will it increase my weight by eating 3000 calories a day?

If you consume 3000 calories a day, most thin people can gain weight. A person weighing 55 kilograms with a moderate level of activity requires approximately 2,400 calories to maintain their weight. So, if you start eating 3,000 calories per day, then you should start gaining weight.

Poor genetics, slow metabolism, or just a stubborn body may need to eat more than 3,000 calories a day (in that case the Gombe is recommended).

However, people who weigh 90 kilograms, who want to gain more weight, if they ingest 3000 calories per day, will not gain weight quickly. How do they need 3000 to maintain them?

The general rule is that the more massive you are, the more calories you will need to increase your weight.

Many people increase the weight of 3000 calories a day because most people weigh about 75 kg. Children weighing less than 75 kilograms will undoubtedly gain weight with 3000 kilograms of calories per day. But heavy people will need to eat more than 3000 kcal/day to gain weight.

Can I increase my weight without getting fat?

No, when you eat more calories, you usually get one pound of fat for every pound of muscle.

This is not a problem, as you can burn fat easily later while maintaining most of the muscles you have acquired.

How many proteins do you need to gain weight fast?

0.82 grams of proteins of the pound (protein 1.8 g per kilogram) per body weight. There are approximately 110 grams of protein for a thin man, whose influence is 132 lbs / 60kg.

By overeating protein, your weight will not be high. It will only ruin your money, the money you can use to buy better foods with calories. Remember that the most important thing to gain weight is to eat more calories than you need. Spend money on food, not protein. You do not need as much protein to gain weight.