How to potentially see Super Moon tonight February 2019


How to potentially see Super Moon tonight February 2019

Super Moon tonight February 2019: The second super moon February 2019 is expected to shine early on Tuesday, Super Moon February 19 morning. However, despite seeing 14% larger and 30% more spectacular than usual, watching this super moon can be challenging in the Northwest.

“I think it would be difficult to catch a great shot of the moon. At the very least, we will be partly cloudy,” said KIRO 7 Meteorologist Nick Ellard.

While Olard says that the clouds are going to look super bright, super Moon as a challenge is still a chance to spot it. However, the skywatchers have to be patient and keep a close watch.

“However, the clouds will rise only when you have a chance to see the moon, so I think we will strike. The cascades will be your best bet,” Elard said.

A super moon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth, which is known as its circumference. It is a kind of sight that likes rom-com, or the mind worms. Either way, it is expected to be three times in 2019.

The first was the Super Blood Wolf Moon, which took place on January 20-21, when the moon was not only full, but it was reddish.

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Super Moon of this month on 19th February is expected to shine above the Northwest in the early hours of Tuesday. There is also an attractive name for this phenomenon – Snow Moon, which not only feels cool (like its Super Blood Wolf Moon equivalent), but it has also been recently given because of the snowy February season.

The last super moon February 2019 will be on March 21. The name of this event is perhaps the least attractive – Venus Moon.



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