Important Steps Every woman should reduce the risk of breast cancer

Important Steps Every woman should reduce the risk of breast cancer

breast cancer: According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer affects more than 1.5 million worldwide every year and is the most cancer in women. Breast cancer is also responsible for many deaths of women all over the world. There are several ways to understand risk factors for breast cancer so that ways to combat them can be determined.

Various research studies are also being done to find affordable methods to reduce the risk of breast cancers. One such study of America has shown that eating all the food in eight hours can reduce the likelihood of a woman who has breast cancers.

A study in the Endocrine Society states that a study done on coarse mice has shown that eating food on time with food for up to eight hours can improve metabolic health and at the risk of developing and developing breast cancers Decrease can occur. The study said that it could delay the development of the tumor and help reduce the growth of tumor in breast cancer.

The University of California, San Diego researcher Dr. According to Manasi Das, metabolic health of women following obesity and their risk for breast cancers are closely related, and that time-restricted food can be more effective in preventing obesity than calorie restriction.

According to the researcher quoted in the press release, “The anti-tumor effect of time-restricted food due to low levels of insulin is at least partially, suggesting this intervention can be effective.”

In addition to eating within eight hours, there are some other ways that you can reduce the risk of breast cancers. Contains:

Repeat Exercise: Various studies, including those described above, have drawn a link between obesity, diabetes and the risk of breast cancer. Doctors recommend weight control by exercising regularly as one of the best ways to stop breast cancer. You can also do yoga postures to achieve your blood circulation and to be stress-free.

A good diet: A balanced diet with lean protein, healthy fat, nutritious greens, nutritious vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds is known for reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and also those complications Can help give breast cancer? Stay away from alcohol, smoking.

Breastfeeding: According to some studies, in the first year breastfeeding is also known for reducing the risk of breast cancer. One study has shown that late pregnancy and short duration of breastfeeding are a significant cause of the increasing number of breast cancer cases globally.


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