iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High-Value Balance


iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High Value Balance

iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High-Value Balance

iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High-Value Balance: While Apple seems willing to try its most significant iPhone plans (for obvious reasons), the company will be much less happy that this decision has leaked …

Speaking with the official accessories manufacturers, acclaimed Japanese technology site Macotakara revealed that Apple would ignore recent commitments on the value and once again send all its new iPhones 2019 (nicknamed ‘iPhone 11’) with 5W chargers that save costs. Also, updating new iPhones to fast chargers will still be incredibly expensive.

The reason for this is a double blow of stubborn inactivity.
First, Apple will continue to distribute not only the slow chargers with the new iPhones but also the slow loading of the USB-A cables. This means that owners must buy both the 18W charger ($ 30) and the one-meter USB-C cable ($ 20 or 2 million for $ 35!), Which will result in a total outlay of $ 50 to $ 65 per location.

Secondly, Macokatara says that Apple has decided not to change its iPhones 2019 to USB-C (as expected) and will retain the Lightning port, which means that the company will maintain control over the licenses and prices of third parties. This is even though the MacBook and iPad Pro ranges were changed to USB-C last year, and the latter also includes an 18W charger.

iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High-Value Balance
apple’s 2mm USB-Cc to Lightning cable is very expensive ( iPhone 11 Leak Claims Slow Charges, High-Value Balance )

Such moves would mean that Apple retains its infamous position as the only premium smartphone manufacturer in the world that sells its star devices with slow chargers and without USB-C.
Meanwhile, rubbing salt on this wound is news from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, arguably the most accurate expert on the technology.

Despite recent promises by Tim Cook to reduce iPhone prices, Gurman reveals that “Apple’s iPhone 2019 models will have a price equal to that of last year’s models.” That means that the prices of the iPhone XR2, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max start at $ 749, $ 999 and $ 1,099 respectively.

It remains to be seen how Apple hopes to reverse the slide of iPhone sales (particularly in China) with these decisions. However, I suspect that Apple’s marketing machine will go into overdrive and you will see that in the coming months many more leaks will appear about possible changes in the updates (like this one) appear over the coming months…



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