Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta


Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta: The Lion Air Crash Boeing 737 passenger plane with 188 people on board has crashed into the sea immediately after leaving the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Flight JT610 was headed for the Pangkal Pinang in the Bengali Belitung Islands when this contact was lost, and it is believed that it has ended under water.

No survivors have been found.

The aircraft was a new type of aircraft, and it is unclear what was the cause of the accident. Lion Air crash is Indonesia’s largest low-cost carrier.

Search, The ReSearch Agency spokesman Yusuf Latif told the AFP news agency, “The plane crashed in 30 meters to 40 meters deep water.” “We are still searching for aircraft residues.”

It is believed that items related to passengers have been found in water including ID card and driver’s license, the search and rescue agency said on Twitter.

Agency chief Mohammad Shughi told reporters, “We do not yet know if someone is alive or not.”

“We hope we pray, but we can not confirm.”

Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from JakartaLion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta

In a recent news conference, the officials said that the plane was carrying 178 adults, one child, and two children, as well as two pilots and five cabin crew. However, there are disputed reports on the correct number of people on board…Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta

what happened?

Flight JT 610 took the 06:20 local time from Jakarta on Monday morning (23:30 GMT Sunday).

This one hour later Pangkal was due to reach Deepipati Amir airport in Penang, but 13 minutes in flight, officials lost contact with the aircraft.

The pilot had asked to return to the Sukarno-Hatta Airport of Jakarta’s chief of the search and rescue office of Pankal Penang, Danang Priyadoco told local newspaper Compass.Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta

The Indonesian disaster agency, the leader of the Sutopo Piano Nugroho, tweeted the images, in which he said that debris and personal belongings which came from the plane and were found floating in the sea.

They also shared a video taken from a Talbot with Karang in the east of Jakarta, which appeared to show floating debris and an oil slot.

An official of the firm said that wreck was seen near the offshore oil refinery, operated by state-owned energy company Pertamina.

What do we know about the board?

In a statement, Sher Air said that the pilot and co-pilot were experienced, in which there were more than 11,000 flight hours between them.

Out of the board, three trainees were flight attendants and a technician.

At least 20 employees of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance were on the board, the BBC has learned.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance spokesman Nufransa Vir Sakti said that he had worked in the offices of the Finance Ministry in Pangkal Penang, but was in Jakarta for the weekend. They took this flight regularly.

What do we know about this plane?

This aircraft was Boeing 737 Max 8, which was a model in commercial use since 2016.

Sher Air said that the aircraft involved in the accident was made in 2018 and this was operated by the airline from August 15 this year.

It is a single-aisle aircraft used for short distance travel.

Lion Air Group’s chief executive Edward Sireath said to Reuters: “We do not dare to say what the facts are, or are not.

“We are also confused about this path because it was a new aircraft.”

He said that there was a technical problem on the last flight of the aircraft, but it was resolved “according to process.”

In a statement, Boeing expressed sympathy for the victims and families and said that it is “ready to provide technical support for the crash investigation.”

Australia asked government workers and contractors to stop using the airline until the findings of the investigation were not out.

What is the safety record of Lion Air?

Indonesia, a vast archipelago, is heavily dependent on air travel, but its many airlines have poor security records.Lion Air Crash: Boeing 737 plane crashed in the sea from Jakarta

Founded in 1999, Lion Air operates domestic flights along with many international routes in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

In the past, there are issues of safety and poor management and were banned from flying in the European airspace by 2016.

In 2013, the Lion Air  Flight 904 crashed into the sea at Bali’s landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport. All 108 people got saved on the board. In 2004, Flight 538 crashed from Jakarta and broke on landing in Solo City, in which 25 people died.

There was an opportunity for such incidents in 2011 and 2012 where pilots were found in possession of methamphetamine a few hours earlier than an incident.

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