Liverpool vs Chelsea with a dramatic penalty shot to win the UEFA Super Cup in Istanbul on Wednesday night, a 2-2 draw after extra time.

Liverpool vs Chelsea in a super cup

Liverpool vs Chelsea in a super cup

Nine players kicked before Liverpool’s backup goalkeeper Adrian stopped Tammy Abraham’s efforts to win the Jurgen Klopp team’s annual cup match between the Champions League and Europa League winners.

After the game, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson told BT Sport: “I’m glad to Adrian. He’s a hero to come to the club tonight.

“We want to win as many trophies as possible so we can enjoy tonight but we’re focused on recovering big games on Saturday.”

Adrian, who joined the club in West Ham at the end of summer, added: “It was a long game to welcome to Liverpool but it was a big finish for us in the end.

“The striker is very smart. I touched him with punishment. But he was looking for it. I told the referee that I tried to stop but there was no problem. We got the title and enjoyed tonight.”

Frank Lampard made Christian Pulisic start his first race against Chelsea, and Klopp scored Adrian after scoring a calf at the Liverpool Premier League opener against Allwich City on Friday.

Chelsea have an interesting opening of 30 minutes in the first half, and Pulleysik split Liverpool’s defender with a through ball and Olivier Giroud calmly scored Adrian 1-0.

American Pulisic knocked out Adrian with a quick attack. However, he could not shoot sharply from the side.

Liverpool returned to level conditions just after restarting when Sadio Mane tied his home to an open net after Kedio Arrizabalaga stopped his close strike on the first set.

Stella Kepa Save scored in the 75th minute after the Spanish rejected Virgil van Dijk for the first time and recovered to stop Fabinho’s efforts in the game and headed for extra time.

In an additional 30 minutes, the team finished clinically with Mane ahead of Liverpool with a Roberto Firmino cutback pass and Chelsea’s Jorginho sent Adrian the wrong way 2-2 from the penalty spot.

Chelsea has been close twice in the second stanza of the extra time, and Adrian is doing well to prevent the massive blow from Mason Mount and Pedro.

As both teams perfected in the shootout, Abraham went up to punishment, but Adrian gave the Champions League winners a 5-4 shootout victory.

Henderson said, “It was hard and it was wet and extra time.” “You could see that many young people were struggling. We tried to keep the ball and breathe, but it was a bit crude.

Chelsea is on the good side and not a good way to lose. Since the community shield, we know this well.

“We weren’t particularly good at playing, but we kept going and moving on. It’s another trophy for us and it’s important to keep winning.”

Lampard has vowed that he will not get results despite losing his first two games as Chelsea manager.

“I’m the worst loser in the world. I hate. The way I play, the spirit, the desire, the quality.

“I know we’re lost. But we get confidence in the season. We got real quality there. Sometimes football is not a lucky moment.”

Both teams returned to the Premier League this weekend, and on Saturday Liverpool hosted Southampton and hosted Leicester City on Sunday.


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