NASA finally tests the SpaceX spacecraft designed for astronauts


NASA finally tests the SpaceX spacecraft designed for astronauts: SpaceX Crew, The first flight of the drone spacecraft, was not scheduled for Janu, NASA announced yesterday. This test is a significant milestone for United States, which was unable to send space into space since 2011 when the space shuttle was withdrawn.

NASA finally tests the SpaceX spacecraft designed for astronauts

NASA finally tests the SpaceX spacecraft designed for astronauts
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Identify your calendar, friends: SpaceX Crew spacecraft Trail Travels, called Develop-1, Janu 7, 2019, 11:57 p.m. Eastern time. The Falken 9 rocket will be launched from NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will be taken to the International Space Station capsule. The space agency, rock performance, crew dragon, earth system systems, and connectivity process.

“After test flights, NASA will review the performance data and solve the problems needed to ensure the operation plans for the project,” the space agency said in a statement. However, NASA further stated that “planning of dates will be canceled, with all the development of human space travel, learning from every test and adjusting the risk to the team.”

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Knowing everything well, the Glass Dragon capsule announces that it is suitable for human aggressors, the second test, called the demo-2, will be carried out by fingers crossing in June. The demo two trial is again used as a Balkan nine rocket, but at this time two NASA astronauts, Robert Behnken, and Douglas Hurley will be handed over to ISS, the SpaceX Flight now reports.

However, before the demo-2, NASA intended to perform an airborne abortion, a non-stacked decay dragon abortion system at any time, quickly throwing the capsule from a Falcon 9, and then Space News.

However, we are stepping forward a bit; If the NASA considers the demo-1 test to be successful, then the reverse test and the demo-2 will occur.

Undoubtedly, this is an essential test of America’s SpaceX program. Since 2011, the United States must have relied on other partners to take its astronauts into space, such as the Russians and their Soyuz plan. After the introduction of Xiu on October 11, 2018, the danger of this news was recently revealed, which caused the NASA astronauts not to wait for a change. The incident is Russian. Furthermore, since NASA’s contract with Russia’s Soyuz program expires this month, the US has been to the US for a year.

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Yes, problems with group practices or more delays are dangerous but not catastrophic. Boeing works in a team of CST-100 Starliner, planned for pilot testing in August 2019, in NASA and pilot test in March 2019. During this test, United Lawn Alliance Atlas Boeing. Five rockets.

Besides, some of these test dates may be affected by the NASA study recently announced workplace safety in both SpaceFox and Boeing.

Earlier this week, NASA announced that two companies would run a “Cultural Assessment Study,” including “compliance with the absence of drugs” before the group travel planes were allowed. NASA’s said, “Our business partners expect us to comply with all security requirements in our work for work.” While NASA’s did not explicitly admit, when the development assessment survey was now launched on Jog Rogen’s podcast in September for the notorious SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, he (naturally) smoked marijuana and drank the whiskey on the show.


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