New iPad Pro Review 2018: The Computer Of Tomorrow, With Compromises Today


New iPad Pro Review 2018: When people think about the first thing that comes to mind is either an iPhone or a computer. Which is fair – the iPhone is the biggest moneymaker and most omnipresent product on Apple, and the Cupertino 0-based company, of course, started as a computer brand.

However, there has been some irony in recent years: Apple’s smartphone and computer (both desktops and laptops) lost their position as one of the most outstanding and best-known products in their respective categories. iPhone Xs is still the most dependable phone (I think so), but if I wanted to rank every phone from important categories – display talent; Software Zipped; Camera skills; battery life; Price – The new iPhone would not end in any of them first. This is the same for the new MacBook, which has recently reached premium window machines concerning processing power.

Instead, in recent years Apple’s two best and most innovative products have opted for Apple Watch an iPad in my opinion. They are two apple products that are still head and shoulders above the competition. Moreover, most importantly, they are two products that are changing the way of thinking forward and changing things in our daily lives.

New iPad Pro Review 2018: The Computer Of Tomorrow, With Compromises Today
New iPad Pro Review 2018: The Computer And iPad Pro Review

Moreover, just like the Apple Watch Series 4, the only release of the 2018 edition of iPad Pro has its leadership on rivals.

New iPad Pro Review 2018 Whole new design

The new iPad process – has a version of 12.9 inches, which includes this review, and 11-inch – marks the true design overhaul before the iPad because the tablet did its launch eight years ago. The home button has gone. So, also, fingerprint scanner, the “face ID” face of the apple has been replaced with the scanning system. Unlike the new iPhone, there is no position, because the new iPad is not quite as the iPhone, so the field required to keep the Face ID sensor can remain in the standard bezel instead of just a different cut-out. However, as you can see from the above main picture, Bezal is quite small compared to the previous iPad, which was to be honest at the beginning of 2015 began to look old. The old 12.9-inch iPad Pro looks positively next to the new sleek design.

The slim bezels of the 12.9-inch iPad 2018 model allow older 12.9-inch models to be significantly smaller than the models. The display is still an LCD panel, but when needed, the refresh rate can reach 120 Hz, so the screen looks exceptionally smooth. When I capture this new iPad with my hands and play a full-screen video, there is an extra immersion in it, like I am holding the window and looking into the world.

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The new iPad Pro review is more classified and blocked than the 2018 comprehensive iPad. There are antenna lines visible in the back that were not bothering to hide the apple. I dig look; This reminds me of the iconic iPhone 4, which some techniques still consider the most fantastic design of apple.

More powerful than a locomotive

IPad Pro runs A12 X bionic chipset of Apple, which is an upgraded version of recently released iPhone Xs 7-nm SOC Powering. Apple claims that the A12 X bionic is currently more powerful than the 92% PC laptop on the market. “This is one of those absurd marketing claims like making a unique brand all the time, but many reputable reviewers have pushed these new iPads through their face and confirm that these tablets are compared to any other tablet on the market Most laptops are more powerful, but most laptops, including Apple’s MacBook. New iPad Pro scored 17,995 runs in the multi-core test of the benchmark app Geekbench, and six: In less than a minute, processed and exported five 4 K / 30 FPS videos through Lumafution, these scores and times are better than any other portable device.

We have seen so many techniques and gadgets recently that we are approving these things, but it is remarkable that the apple is capable of cracking this slim device into this thin device and is still without heat. Even when I edit pixelated low-resolution video, I still miss making my computer big fan noise. I can clear the video of 4 on the subject through the timeline, and it zips without breaking a sweat.

If you are using a tablet as a larger smartphone, then all this power will be wasted. In my opinion, the ability of iPad Pro only feels complete when you connect it with the keyboard so that it can be changed like a computer. As I wrote last year, Apple Pro has become a competent productivity machine since Apple’s introduction of Split-Screen Apps on iOS 11 in 2017.

Since newer iPad’s newer form factors, Apple has prepared a new First-Party Keyboard for this, and this is also the first gene repair. It is now included behind the iPad, offers a bit more protection, and offers two propping angle compared to the first angle option of the pro-jane keyboard for the iPad. The typing experience is the same as before; keys have enough travel to provide a comfortable typing experience. Cats, I like this keyboard better than MacBook’s highly criticized butterfly keyboard.

Creative Type also wants Apple Pencil 2, the best and most responsive mainstream stylus on the market. Combination of more than 2,000 pressure points and 120 Hz screen refresh rate does writing and sketching almost interval-free for human eyes on the screen. This new pencil can already charge wirelessly connected to the top of the iPad Pro, compared to the Chunkey Charging option.

Apple has always appealed to creative people, and the pencil is one of the best mainstream tools to encourage creativity. I used to enjoy drawing as a child but went away from hobbies for more than 20 years. Apple pencil made his passion again for the sketching so easy to use: Some years ago, I pulled a comic on my old (old) iPad Pro for my girlfriend. I made many mistakes on the way, but because it was done digitally, I was able to ignore mistakes without hassle. I do not think if I tried on real paper and pencil, then I dared to finish the job. I think Pencil 2 wants to sketch me.

Unfortunately, the pencils are shutting down for the iPad’s generation. You can not use old pencils on the new iPad, and you can not use pencil two on the old iPad. I am not sure why this is – There are only two levels of pressure sensitivity and functionality in two pencils – I suspect that this can be another advantage-driven step by the company, which does not include a fast charger or headphone-jack adapter In the packaging of $ 1,200 iPhones will be (aka dongle)

Ports: Great news and bad news

Speaking about that 3.5mm audio port, iPad Pro has also rid it (and no packaging does not include any adapter dongles). However, the good news is that the new Pro uses USB-C instead of its lightning port for charging and connectivity. It is excellent because USB-C is just a better port compared to electricity: it can provide more power, can transfer data faster, and is compatible with the other accessories group. The only one charging my smartphone can now charge my iPad.

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The whole tech industry had decided to become a port of future USB-C years ago. Apple is stubborn about just using it because the lightning port is its technology. However, Apple is finally using USB-C on all its large computing devices to signal that the apple is finally ready to accept. We may also be away from the USB-C iPhone for a year or two. This means that sometime soon, we should be able to use a cable to charge every gadget in our life.

The USB-C port on the new iPad Pro is restricted in some ways, however, which I will touch in the previous section.

Made for Content Consumption

The iPad Pro has four speakers, and they rationalize the best sound in any mobile device. There are a lots of smart touches, such as knowing the way the iPad is in the direction of the iPad and pumping the media and the high from the top speakers. Apple does not reveal the battery size, but by my testing, seeing a full two-hour movie with both the screen’s brightness and sound output, approximately 75% of battery life is extracted in about 25% of battery life, and the machine is standard Used as a laptop (for typing and web surfing) Dry only about 10% of the battery per hour.

With excellent speakers, battery life and performance, iPad Pro is an excellent media consumption device – except for a headphone jack thing.

Computing Future With Compromise From Today

Apple has marketed the iPad Pro as a computer/laptop replacement because the line started in 2015. I initially joked the claim because IOS was limiting one operating system so that the iPad Pro was more than super-sized – phone. However, then released in 2017, the iOS 11 finally brought the split-screen capability to the iPad, and since then, whenever I need portability all over others, the iPad Pro is a server machine for me.

This new iPad, only lightweight and way more powerful, improves it. I will take it with me everywhere and have typed several articles without any issues and have edited/processed several 4K videos.

I can still do a little bit faster on a standard laptop, but the iPad Pro is fast catching up, and it should be my work machine of choice for the future because it represents the future of computing, and I have a gadget Geek who wants to jump on new trends from the first day. Whether it is slipping video clips or dragging files from window to window, it is naturally personal and intuitive to do your finger (or apple pencil) from its better point.

Of course, each person has their own specific needs. IPad Pro works for me because my work includes completely typing words, browsing the website, and editing video clips and photos. For others, iPad Pro can still be very limited, and this is not due to the maximum limit of two apps, but due to the stubborn quirk of the Apple and iOS.

We will start from the largest: Apple has crippled the USB-C port in a limited manner. The USB-C port of iPad Pro mostly does not recognize external storage. Whether it’s an external hard drive or USB-the thumb drive, plug it in, and nothing happens. The only exception to the pictures stored on the memory card is the exception. Apple will recognize them (if you buy USB-C in the card reader dongle) and allow you to import, but you have to go through the apple to do this. You can not import photos directly from your DSLR camera into photo editing apps like Adobe Lightroom CC; you must first import them into your camera roll of iOS.

Then there is the iPad’s file system, which is dedicated to Apple’s ecosystem and is fully usable to use iCloud. If you are not on iCloud, you can not save the photo; you can not do anything. Apple also creates its Mail app default mail app, and there is no way around it. I can download Google’s Gmail app, but I can not save any file from the app. If I have an attachment to Gmail, then I have to go into the app and have to load it, which requires an internet connection. I can never save a Gmail file to watch an iPad Pro (or iPhone, for that matter) offline.

With the lack of local file directories, the iPad Pro creates no-go as a work machine for real office desk jockeys, so finally, iPad Pro is also restricted to being a full computer for a part of the population.

These iPads are also expensive. The small 10-inch model starts at $ 799 and starts at 12.9-inch $ 999. These prices are only for base 64GB configurations, which may not be enough for most people in 2018. This means that you will need to select 256 GB versions, which will cost a few hundred dollars more. At the top of it, all the other things that make up the extra cost for iPad Pro are extra – keyboard case, pencil, whatever dongle you need to connect headphones or memory cards. These new 2018 iPad Pro are a valuable investment, but I do not think it makes any difference. Apple products have not met value-conscious for years. Apple products are for creatives, a group that usually ignores paying more.

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Apple has forced its eyes on users from day one. Often, its idea of how things should be done – removing the CD drive in the laptop; When the whole industry had settled on the hardware keyboard, they were going back to the touchscreen – is right and push the industry forward. Sometimes, their ideas are misleading and upsetting, such as the removal of headphones jack so quickly, or a lack of optimization of iOS compared to Android.

Apple’s future is the idea of a personal computing apple – we know it because it runs an iPad Pro advertising campaign which actively makes fun of traditional laptops (Ironically, the product is still trying to sell Apple ). Apple believes that in future we do not need a file system because whatever we do is on the cloud; That we use our fingers to move digital/virtual objects instead of a mouse arrow; That no one needs two or more apps on the screen because he or she would be very optimized.


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