OnePlus 7 Pro review


Everyone almost got their start by killing flagships selling phones at super low prices but with great features, over the years they evolved, and they started making more and more premium phones. Nowadays their newest generation doesn’t look out of place next to a thousand dollar iPhone or a Galaxy S 10, and this is the first year that they released a pro variant of their phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro review
OnePlus 7 Pro review image by GSM

But looks aside how the premium is their newest flagship and are you giving anything up. Apart from an IP rating and wireless charging and this is a oneplus 7 Pro review.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this surprised that a one plus phone before this one is the first that I’ve seen. That doesn’t look or feel like a oneplus device. When I first picked it up, I thought I was looking at the May 20 pro.

The one plus seven Pro feels a little heavier than the oneplus 7, and unlike previous years the screen has a subtle curve that makes the phone’s tiny vessels look even thinner than they are. I’m a little split on this decision because well, it makes the phone look svelte and elegant.

It doesn’t add anything to the phone’s experience aside from a little color shift on the edges of the screen. It’s an industry-wide trend that I find to be a little silly on any phone you might have noticed that the super thin vessels aren’t marred by a notch for the selfie camera either.

That’s because it’s hitting on the top of the phone and it pops up only when you need it. The camera is rated for three hundred thousand users so the mechanism should be quite durable. One plus has said that the phone will use its gyroscope to sense if it’s in freefall and retract the camera, so it doesn’t get damaged.

However, if you push the camera in manually, you’ll get a warning message telling you to stop doing that. The oneplus of pro still supports face and lock and while it’s not as instant as the one on the oneplus sixty the camera pops up quickly enough that you usually don’t notice too much of a slowdown.

However, since face and lock aren’t the most secure, you can use the industry fingerprint reader instead. It’s much faster and accurate than the one on the 16th. This is because the sensor itself is slightly larger.

There’s a new algorithm, and there’s also a further three element lens. Just tap on the lock screen and then tap on the fingerprint area and you’re in. Also, thanks to the high-resolution display the unlocking animations look much sharper although you’ll have less time to enjoy them on the back.

The seven pros have a gorgeous matte gradient that transitions from indigo to blue. The phone has Gorilla Glass five on the front and back and has an aluminum frame. Sadly it’s more slippery than previous years so you’ll probably enjoy the seven pros looks for a few minutes and then slap a case on it for more comfortable use due to the phones you curves it also seems a little more likely to break if you drop it so I wouldn’t use it without one.

Well, we’re on the subject of durability at one place hasn’t ever wanted to shell out the money for Nike rating because they haven’t wanted to pass down costs to consumers. However, a lot of their previous phones have been at least flash proof. It’s likely that the oneplus 7 pros can handle a bit of rain although I wouldn’t hesitate to submerge especially with any motorized camera.

If you do decide to risk using it, case lists the phone picks up fingerprints pretty, but due to the frosted glass, they don’t detract from its looks as much as they would on a shiny back. Looks aside the buttons are as clicky as ever and in classic one playstyle kept the super useful alerts lighter.

What isn’t very classic one plus however is the significant upgrade in the display. Not only is this the first time a one plus phone has a queue HD resolution, but it hasn’t 90 Hertz refresh rate which makes the already speedy oxygen OS feel impossibly buttery. Hopefully, the rest of the industry follows because after using it for a while, regular 60-hertz displays feel a little underwhelming.

Of course, not all apps support higher refresh rates, so your mileage will vary, and you can always go into settings to choose 60 hertz and save battery. The six-point seven-inch fluid Emily display doesn’t disappoint in other areas either. Colors are very accurate. Natural mode and the vivid color calibration is even more pleasant although slightly more bluish white the display reaches four hundred and thirty-six minutes of brightness when adjusted manually and up to six hundred and sixty minutes one set to be an adaptive setting which translates into average sunlight legibility at night.

However, there has been a significant improvement with night mode 2.0.

This reduces bluish light in the evenings and can now lower screen brightness to under one minute the sliver of a speaker on the top as well as the downward facing one on the bottom combined to make a stereo setup that’s noticeably louder than the 60 and has pretty good audio quality at max volume and with certain songs the audio got a little tinny with treble but otherwise the sound is more vibrant compared to previous generations if you get a dongle since ours didn’t have one in the box.

Sounds had done excellently. And if you have high-quality Bluetooth headphones, there’s also LDC streaming. When the screen has a 90 Hertz refresh rate turned on, it has a pretty good endurance reading at 85 hours.

If however, you switch to 60-hertz endurance jumps to ninety-two hours. We’ve got about 15 percent more screen on time with our web browsing test in particular. Of course, if your phone dies there’s a new 30-watt work charger that can get your phone from zero to 50 percent in half an hour.

The oneplus pro is running oxygen OS nine point five on top of Android pipe oxygen quest has long been one of the best implementations of Android if not the best.

It’s a minimalistic UI with zero bloatware and only a few well-thought-out tweaks here and there that improve the user experience. Perhaps because of the simplicity one plus phones get updated relatively quickly too.

As far as customizations go there’s no theme store or anything like that, but you can tweak the axon colors of the system choose between a light or a dark mode and pick an animated wallpaper. You can also select which type of navigation mode you prefer. There are navigation buttons a pill mode and of course, gestures which along with a refresh rate make everything feel as though it’s flying by.

There’s a one plus shelf when you swipe left in the home screen, and you can set shortcuts, and access widgets like the parking location service or the new zen mode are for those seriously addicted to their smartphones, and it disables everything. Aside from the camera and emergency calls for 20 minutes, the phone automatically suggests zen mode. If you’ve been gaming for more than two hours though it’s up to you to turn it on or not, as I mentioned previously at night mode has been improved, and there’s still reading mode which turns the screen black and white for more comfy reading as before.

There is no always on display. Probably because it wastes battery instead there’s an ambient display that appears if you tap on the phone when the screen is off you can choose which clock face you like and whether notifications should appear as they arrive. There is also a new screen recorder which allows you to capture not only what’s happening on screen but also whatever you’re seeing by using the phone’s microphones that can be a pretty stealthy spy movie if you ask me.

Gaming mode has also been improved. It features better haptic vibration a ten layer liquid cooling system and a ram boost.

OnePlus 7 Pro review

Whenever you’re playing a ram intensive game if you’re really into a game, there’s also a fanatic mode which blocks calls or restricts background tasks and even stuffs your secondary sim from working to allocate more resources to gaming. Though I doubt you’re going to need that extra juice.

Most of the time the seven pro sports the Snapdragon 850 5 chipsets 12 gigs of ram and a new tooling UFW storage which almost doubles the read speeds of one plus 60 with the Galaxy folds. To ensure the oneplus 7 Pro is going to be the first phone on the market with this newer storage standard, and it’s easily one of the fastest phones you can get. This is the first time since the oneplus 5 The company has gone for a drastically different camera setup.

The oneplus 7 pro has a new full angle camera. Oh yes and the telephoto and a 48-megapixel primary shooter. Thanks for the latest whole angle camera. There’s also a new reel in the camera software. It allows you to smoothly go from the phone’s widest angle to 10 times zoom in daylight photos of proper exposure and dynamic range. Like on the 16th. Colors are accurate and aren’t too saturated.

However, the oneplus 7 Pro also brings up more details from the shadows and comparison quality wise photos from the primary camera aren’t too different from what the galaxy has done and for a P3 pro produce. Shots from the ultra-right camera, however. Aren’t quite as good. Colors are duller, and there’s quite a bit of distortion.

OnePlus 7 Pro review

At least shots from the telephoto were better than before. Thanks to OAS photos we’re more explicit, and there were more resolve details in comparison to previous generations although there was still a bit of noise. Portraits from the seven Pro were great. However, unsurprisingly, there were still some imperfections when it comes to hair. The new sensors allow the primary camera to capture more lights and even an auto one to seven proto pretty decent low light photos. There’s also a night escape mode.


The stacks multiple images to combine exposures for a single precise shot. However, while this mode allowed the seven Pro to pull more details out of the scene, competitors like the pixel 3 still have better lighting more vibrant colors and even more detail than the one plus. Hardware wise the public selfie CAMERA Sounds like a minor improvement over the one that you’ll find on the 60. But this time around selfies are sharp and have plenty of detail.

Dynamic range is excellent, and HDR does a great job of balancing tones and exposures when taking photos and challenging lighting conditions quirky videos recorded with the setting pro are unique details right colors aren’t over the top, and there’s no noise the dynamic range is pretty nice too although we noticed some loss of detail in the shadows.

OnePlus 7 Pro review

The seven pros biggest flaw is that you can’t shoot videos with the ultra long lens videos and boy videos are just as good. Of course, there’s a noticeable loss of detail, but the overall processing is the same. We noticed a noticeable sharpening effect, but it seems to help with the general video quality. The one place that I’m pro has shaped up to be an extremely premium flagship. Like I said, in the beginning, it doesn’t have an IP rating or wireless charging, but it not only has a look but everything else that you need for a great phone.

It has impressive performance a great UI and same fast charging excellent battery life the faster storage you’ll find on the market a killer a screen and a good camera. That last point has always been the Achilles heel of Windows phones, but this camera is plenty good. If you’re obsessed with photography and videographer, there are better camera phones out there. But if you’re uploading the occasional photo for Instagram or taking pictures while on vacation, the 7 Pro has your back and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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