Pregnant woman death on the way to a hospital for delivery


Alor Sitar: A pregnant woman died on the spot in an accident at the intersection of Kalim High-Tech Park near Kalim, on the way to give her child to her child.

31-year-old Majiia Shari, and his son-in-law, Muhammad Ghani Abd Razak, 26, who were driving, died at 6.27 pm due to severe injuries to head and organs in the accident.Pregnant woman death on the way to a hospital for delivery

His two-year-old son was seriously injured, while three other victims, including the driver of the second car, sustained minor injuries an were treated at the Kulim Hospital.

Kulim district police chief Supt Ahmad Nasir Jaafar said that in Kumel, Sungai Kob, Taman Mutiya was accompanied by Majhiyah with four other family members.

He said that the car powered by Ghani was hit by the 37-year-old female proton Saga car in front, which was going from Saran Ganga to Padang Serai.

“We believe that one of the cars does not stop at the crossroads, which causes an accident, but we continue our investigations to identify the cause of the incident. Pregnant woman

He said in a statement, “It is too early for us to conclude a conclusion.” secure: freemalaysiatoday


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