Samsung Suddenly Teases Folding New Galaxy F Smartphone


Samsung Suddenly Teases Folding New Galaxy F Smartphone: Samsung, with good reason, is receiving much attention for its 10th anniversary, the Galaxy S10. That is not surprising when leaks have revealed their right bezelless design, the “ultrasonic” fingerprint reader, triple back cameras, 5G gradient colors. It sounds like a dream, a controversial defect aside. However, now Samsung has suddenly made fun of a phone that promises to be an even more significant game changer …

Having subtly hinted that he plans to announce the screen by doubling Galaxy F early next month, Samsung has now “accidentally” chosen to confirm another critical part of the puzzle on the day of Apple’s iPad launch.

Samsung Suddenly Teases Folding New Galaxy F SmartphoneSamsung Suddenly Teases Folding New Galaxy F Smartphone

Samsung today introduced a very public trademark (through LetsGoDigital) for a ‘Samsung Infinity-V’ smartphone screen. Moreover, its does not take much effort to decode the message.

First of all, ‘Infinity’ is the brand name Samsung chooses for the almost bezelless phone screens it uses in the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. Moreover, since this is for a future device, you can expect to be smaller than ever

Second, Samsung announced its Galaxy F November event (dubbed “The crossroads between the present and the future”) with an animated video that focuses on a V that represents the use of the phone with folds both at the beginning and the end.

Yes, Samsung wants us to know that the screen of the world’s first folding screen smartphone will be called Infinity-V.

The move also decisively returns previous reports that the Galaxy F was close to vapourware and followed quotes from DJ Koh CEO of Samsung Mobile Division who declared “It is time to deliver.” The only drawback is that the Galaxy F seems to be very difficult to buy.

Of course, with Samsung looking for quick one-two releases for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F, the confidence seems so high that even the rivals play publicly on the menu. Now, if only the company could turn in a controversial decision …


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