Samsung Teases Folding Samsung Galaxy F Smartphone Launch


Samsung Teases Folding Samsung Galaxy F Smartphone Launch: This week, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has moved from an exceptional look already to a potential game adapter. However, now Samsung has revealed details about another new Galaxy phone, which was supposed to be a game changer from the start …

Samsung Teases Folding Samsung Galaxy F Smartphone Launch
New Folding Samsung Galaxy F Smartphone

Samsung has responded to reports that the Samsung Galaxy F folding device has become a corrupt device, and Samsung has announced a classified announcement of the launch of the phone next month.

In a new tweet, SamsungMobile Phone told its 12.2 million Twitter followers that the San Francisco Developers Conference on Nov. 7 would see “a crossroads between the present and the future.”

This riffs on terms previously used by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh who repeatedly pointed out how Samsung Galaxy F will be the future of smartphone design, but also a convenient device and a real world for people to use today. Last month, CNBC also boasted that Samsung Galaxy F would be launched at the developers’ conference and announce: “It is time to connect.”

it, Of course, reading the between lines, there is one visible side to this news.

In short: the mass market, conventional devices are not usually launched in developer conferences. This is something we were talking about when Samsung chose an essential resource for Samsung Galaxy F component components “because it could meet small orders of supply.”

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Thus, while the Samsung Galaxy F may represent the future of today’s smartphones, it is likely that vision will take time to grow. All these means that the vast majority of Samsung fans will have to settle in the Galaxy S10 instead.

However, when the “adjustment” includes an original design without the edges and fingerprint reader inside the display and three background cameras and gradient colors and 5 G, I think most customers do not mind the compromise …



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