SpaceX to attempt 1 West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday

SpaceX to attempt 1 West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday
Falcon 9 Rocket of SpaceX launched the Iridium-7 mission from the Vandenburg Air Force base in California in July 2018 – and now, the first stage of the same rocket is back for another satellite launch scheduled for October 7.
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SpaceX to attempt 1 West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday: SpaceX is targeting the evening launch (Sunday, October 7) for its next Falcon 9 rocket flight, a mission that will mark the first land-based landing of Booster on the West Coast. A rocket will be expelled from SpaceX pad in Wendenburg Air Force Base, Calif.

SpaceX to attempt 1 West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday

SpaceX to attempt 1 West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday
SpaceX Rocket Factory ( IMAGE CREDIT BY PIXELS )

Air Force officials said in an advisory, “This is the first land landing attempt of SpaceX in the Weinberg Air Force Base.” “The residents are returning to the first stage of Falcon 9 in Wendenburg AFB, which includes several engine water related to landing. During the landing end, residents of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo County can hear one or more sonic boom. ”

Falcon 9 smoke all around Tuesday, October 2, because it was briefly removed from its engines during the preflight test from SpaceX’s SLC-4E launch pad in Wendenburg. After a delay of launching 24 hours for a prelightlight checkout, it is now ready to launch on Sunday night. The last major milestone in preparing for a brief ignition launch known as a brief fire test is to ensure that all the systems are working correctly and both are ready for rocket and pad launch.

The launch carrying an Argentine Earth-inspected satellite should not be before 7:21 PM. On October 7, PDT (0221 GMT on October 8). This flight will mark the SpaceX launch from July 25 before its West Coast launch feature.

This launch will also be the second reflate of the first phase of the block 5 Falcon 9: the same rocket – which is known as the SPXX B1048 – first on July 25, ten iridium next satellites in the class were lofted.

The Argentine Space Agency’s 3,527-lb (1,600 kg) SOCOM-1A satellite, the payload of the launch, is part of the future six satellite constellations, which will work with an Italian constellation known as Cosmo-SkyMed. Satellite Consortium will take high-resolution images of the Earth twice a day.

The flight is also unique because it will be marked for the first time that Falcon 9 will attempt to land on to the west coast, instead of landing on one of the company’s drone ships on the 9 coastlines, land-to-launch-site (RTLS) landings. Up to now, all land on solid ground has been done in Landing Jones 1 and two at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

With approximately 30 landing under its belt, SpaceX has proved that it is a breeze to recover the first stage booster, but this landing may be a bit slow: only quarter-miles (or approximate) from the launch pad launch pad 400 meters) – a very contrary to Cape Canaveral, where the two landing pad of the company is several miles away.

SpaceX can activate its right boat, Mr Steven, who has not been able to snatch a piece of rocket nose cone as it descends to Earth. This is another aspect of SpaceX attempt to reduce the launch cost by re-using as much rocket as possible.

If this fifth recovery attempt was successful, then this could be the last launch trifecta for SpaceX.




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