The best food to fix a hangover

Here are 5 foods that will help ease that hangover


The best food to fix a hangover: Contrary to popular belief, it has been found that after eating a soft meal after a big night there is not much to do to fix your hangover. Instead, you should eat a greasy meal before starting to drink bing because they work as a good stomach liner and it prevents alcohol from being absorbed in your stomach and blood flow.

The best food to fix a hangoverThe best food to fix a hangover

Here are five food items that will help reduce the hangover:


Alcohol makes your body dehydrate and strips of electrolytes like potassium and sodium, this is the reason that sometimes you feel that after the heavy drinking night you have a mouth full of cottonwood.

Bananas are rich in potassium and help to restore the electrolytes.

The best food to fix a hangover
The best food to fix a hangover BANANA Photo by Dom J from Pexels

The eggs

Eggs contain high doses of amino acids, including cysteine ​​and touring. Sistine helps in breaking the cause of a headache, which is produced when the liver breaks the alcohol.

Taurine helps in promoting liver function.The best food to fix a hangover

Crackers with Money

When the liver processes the alcohol, its focus is no longer on regulating blood sugar, and this is the reason why excessive blood pressure can be caused by excessive drinking. Crackers have fast-acting carbons that help increase your blood pressure, while honey is rich in fructose, which helps in reducing the body’s body faster.The best food to fix a hangover

chicken noodle soup

It has come to know that chicken noodle soup is not only a good solution for the flu, but it may be a thing to fix your hangover.

Research shows that chicken noodle soup is rich in sodium and is suitable for rehydration, which you need only after a big night.The best food to fix a hangover


This breakfast contains high doses of essential nutrients like Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, which help in the inactivation of acid in the body.

Oats also increase blood glucose levels, so you will be able to increase energy because it works to cure your hangover.



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