The new report claims to reveal the exact release date of Apple’s new AirPods 2

The new report claims to reveal the exact release date of Apple's new AirPods 2
The tweets that suggest AirPods 2 may be coming later IMAGE BY Forbes

The new report claims to reveal the exact release date of Apple’s new AirPods 2: A second-day report states that Apple will release the second-gen AirPods and AirPower universal wireless chargers these spring, and now we have to more details about upcoming launches from some sources. However, this is not good news for fans of AirPods because we have conflicting reports.

AirPods 2 has been designed to design similar to their predecessors, but pack additional sensors that can support more health-related features. According to a recent report, the earphone is expected to come in two colour options.

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Greek language blog iPhone Hellas says that AirPods 2 will be released on 29 March with Apple’s other hardware, which includes AirPower and Affordable Cheap iPad and iPad Mini which works. The new AirPods will be available for preorder on March 22, in which Apple is expected to hold a press conference for new equipment earlier that week.

The iPhone Hellas also notes that AirPods 2 will support “Hey Siri”, which will allow users to implement digital assistants by voice, as is done on other Apple devices. Also, AirPods 2 should have an advanced Apple Wireless Chip for Bluetooth.

This fact also mentions in the report that the new AirPods 2 will come with a case that can be charged wirelessly through AirPod accessory.

Meanwhile, new iPads will have the same design as the previous model, but with better specs. If this report is accurate, then the tablets should be issued on March 29 also.

Said that renowned @OnLeaks claims that AirPods 2 will not be released until sometime after this fall. In the spring, and that Apple will release only the first-gen AirPods, in which the new wireless charging case will be. He said, he cites a single “unconfirmed but seemingly reliable source” that he has never received information beforehand.


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