This is how you could see the next design of your iPhone.


It’s never too early to speculate on how the next iPhone will look or what functions it may have. And such speculation is already underway, it does not matter that Apple usually presents its latest phones in September, and there is little reason to suspect that the calendar will change with the 2019 models.

This is how you could see the next design of your iPhone.

India’s site has released “iPhone X1” or iPhone 11 CAD, which it claims is an exclusive aspect of Apple’s upcoming flagships, through a partnership with “trusted agent” OnLeaks.

The images on the phone show a series of triangular-shaped triple-lens cameras, perhaps including a 3D sensor. That would allow a shooter to switch between telephones, wide angles and even wider angles.

The lenses would sit under a noticeable camera swipe at the top of the back of the smartphone, at least iPhone 11 Max model (or whatever it is called).

The prominent analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities predicted earlier this year that there would be three new models, with a trio of this type that probably has the same or similar screen size as the last crop of iPhones: the iPhone XR (6.1 inches), XS (5.8 inches) and XS Max (6.5 inches). It is expected that narrow bevels delimit the screens and, once again, have a notch in the upper part of the screen.

This is how you could see the next design of your iPhone.

The phones can also carry larger batteries. And, in this iteration, it seems that Apple is not yet ready to get rid of its Lightning port, choosing it for now over what is fast becoming the standard in other smartphones, the USB-C connector.

It is not known when there could be an iPhone 5G, but even with the recent peace agreement in the court between Apple and chip provider Qualcomm, it seems more likely that the development of 5G for Apple’s flagship is a development for 2020.

It can also be 2020 or long before Apple can test its folding phone for the public, as Samsung has done with its Galaxy Fold device now delayed, close to $ 2,000. A recent patent application suggests that Apple might be working on its folding, perhaps a method that could be a combination of iPhone / iPad.Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max - Which Phone is Better?

Earlier than that, Apple could borrow a feature that Samsung brought with its latest flagship Galaxy, the ability to charge another device by placing it on the iPhone.

Undoubtedly, we will learn more about the next version of iOS software in the core of iPhones in June, when Apple holds its World Developers Conference or WWDC.

On the hardware side, meanwhile, between now and September, you can expect more Apple leaks to come. This is how you could see the next design of your iPhone.


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