Trump can accept friendship with China’s Zee


Trump can accept friendship with China’s Zee: United Nations, United States: US President Donald Trump could accept his friendship with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and end on Wednesday because he had accused Beijing of reducing his prospects in the upcoming elections.

Trump can accept friendship with China’s Zee

Trump can accept friendship with China’s Zee { Image Credit }

With the increasing tension between the two sides on many issues, Trump said that China wanted that it would want to face an election dispute as for payment for business on its hard line.

In November, allegations of using various allegations on the government in Beijing to harm their possibilities in critical intermediate elections, he said that relations with Zee would have made a permanent turn for the worse.

A trip has talked with Zee after coming to the office of his friendship, many times, praising Chinese leaders for their role in helping their role in pushing North Korea on its nuclear program.

However, at the press conference in New York, it was asked how Zee could be her friend despite the hike; Trump indicated that she liked to be respected by choice.

The President said, “He can not be my friend anymore, but I think he probably respects me,” the American economy was giving weather easily to the effect of a trade dispute.

This week Washington has imposed new tariffs against China against covering the $ 200 billion imports to overcome the threat of counter-insurgency.

“We have to make it,” he said. “There is much money coming in our treasury, and it has not had any impact on our economy.”

China has vowed to retaliate with the US $ 60 billion in duties with duties, but since the country imports only $ 130 billion, the ability to return with matching fees is limited.

The allegation of electoral intervention came for the first time during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that Trump had presided over the first day itself.

Trump told the room, “Regrettably, China has tried to intervene in our upcoming 2018 elections against our administration in November.”

They said, “They do not want to win me or me because I am the first president to challenge China on trade.”

Trump later said that there was clear evidence to support his claim.

“We have the proof that it will come out. Yes, I can not tell you now, but it came – it did not come out of here, that I can tell you,” he told a press conference.

the briefing with reporters in Washington, the senior White House official said that China was deploying economic, military and informational equipment to spread influence and weaken the US government.

The official said, “Activities have reached an unacceptable level.”

The official said that “The policy of actively intervening in our political system involves injuring farmers in districts and states which vote for the President.”

The officer was referring to imposing the tariff on soybean – as a counter product of the tariff of trumpets on Chinese goods – a significant trade in Iowa’s electoral state.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed that he was “unwanted charges.”

Wang said in the same session, “China has followed the principle of all non-interference, which was presided by the American President.

“We did not interfere in the domestic affairs of any country and did not, and we deny accepting any unwanted charges against China.”

However, Trump followed his accusations with a series of tweets that the Chinese government had accused America of Ayova of paying the place of the newspaper.

He tweeted, “These promotional advertisements” are being kept because we are killing them on business, opening the market. ”

The United States of went ahead with a plan to sell a batch of military parts on Taiwan’s self-governing island and teased China earlier this week.

Beijing sees Taiwan as part of the territory, which is waiting for integration and deep doubts on the island’s relations with the United States.

A special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is investigating the allegations that the US security agencies have determined that Moscow, after the demand to influence the result, to secure its victory in the presidential election of 2016, the internal circle of the trump with Russia Members of the team. Trump can accept friendship with China’s Zee


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