unexpected health benefits of orgasms


unexpected health benefits of orgasms: Although sex and masturbation are not necessary for a sexual intercourse feeling, some people deny that reaching the big ‘o’ is a big plus bonus.

However, beyond just feeling great, sexual intercourse brings with it many unexpected health benefits, many of which you probably have no information about.

Whether you are climaxing with a partner or during a solo session, orgasms help in all kinds of things to reduce the level of stress and to give your skin natural glow at the risk of attacking the heart.

Insider Dr. Damian Jacob Sandler, chief of the Division of Clinical Research in Fellner Health and Dr. Felis Gersh, MD of OB-GYN and Irvine, CA, spoke with the author of the founder/director of Irvine’s Integrative Medical Group and author of the upcoming “PCOS SOS: A Gynecologist’s Lifeline To Your Naturally Talent, Hormone and Restore happiness, “to learn the mental and physical health benefits of orgasms.

unexpected health benefits of orgasms

Best Sexual unexpected health benefits of orgasms
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You will probably enjoy a solid night’s sleep.

If you have ever gone to sleep peacefully after sexual intercourse, then you have experienced this powerful benefit earlier. When we climb, a hormone flood is sent to our brain, and it is those hormones that can help fight sleep nights.

Dr. Sandler said, “Orgasm causes a lot of muscle relaxation as well as the release of chemicals, which tell the body to rest.” Especially a hormone, oxytocin, is to thank for that joyous feeling. As Dr. Gerhard told Incisor, “Orgasms hormone triggers the release of oxytocin, which has been shown to promote the feeling of peace and tranquility and therefore has been shown to promote sleep.” unexpected health benefits

Your move to post-sexual intercourse is real Spring.

This may not be The surprise, but the happy, comfortable post-mating feeling works wonders for your overall mental health and happiness. Dr. Sensor said, “Arguments require our body to work at the highest level of stimulation,” Dr. Gersh credited for the release of oxytocin.

“Once more, he is a wonderful boost for the spectacular oxytocin mood, and nature wants reproduction, and therefore makes feelings associated with it pleasant.”

You will not only feel closer to your partner but also with others in your social classroom.

If you have ever thought that after having sexual intercourse, there is a desire to tilt beside your partner, then you can also thank Oxytocin for the feelings of those lovers. However, it has been found that this powerful hormone can help you to feel closer to others in your social circle, not just your sexual partners.

According to a 2012 study by evolutionary psychologists at the University of Michigan and Albright College in Pennsylvania, University’s research partner Daniel Kruger said, “The more partners are likely to fall after sex, the desire to be strong will be strong” Michigan, and study The principal author of

“Oxytocin plays a number of roles related to mood, because successful reproduction requires peaceful cooperation among family members, therefore, due to breastfeeding and orgasms, oxytocin needs to be touched and tampered with,” Dr. Gersh said, “The way it is stimulated and produced, it increases the feeling of love and bondage.”

In 2013, researcher Mark Ellenbogen and Christopher Cardoso saw the effects of oxytocin on their social class outside of the bedroom and found that “the traditional ‘fight or flight’ reaction to social conflict was where people were modified to answer the challenge Or run away from it, Oxytocin can promote ‘motivated and friendly’ reaction where people post others after stressful events In this way, social bonds can be strengthened in return and can be a healthy way of dealing with them. ”

Orgasms can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in older men.

According to a decade-long study published in the British Journal of Urology International, regular and frequent ejaculation can help prevent prostate cancer, which has determined that at least four times per week inclination for prostate cancer is up to 30% More than 50 men can reduce risk.

Dr. Gersh explained this link, told the insurer, “We know that sex and orgasms are beneficial for every aspect of male health. Male fertility system is the best fare with regular use, and the prostate is related to that system. , that would be lovely. ”

Dr. Sandler said, “Inclination moves some prostatic secrets around the urethra and causes it to be poisonous and carcinogenic,” or cancerous.

They can help in controlling your menstrual cycle.

According to the study of 1978 according to the study of peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychonohendocrinologie and researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, regular orgasms can also help in controlling your menstrual cycle, even if you are not on your period.

“The exact mechanism is unknown but can be associated with the circadian rhythm. orgasms Improve immune health, mental health, and potentially improved circulation,” Dr. Gersh explained. “We now that ovaries are very circadian and melatonin receptors and give negative feedback for inflammation. Regular orgasms will work at all these levels to promote regular cycles, maintain our comfortable rhythm and low swelling. ”

They can also help in promoting fertility.

According to Indiana University researchers’ 2015 study, regular sexual intercourse can help in reproduction. They found that “sexual activity triggers physical changes in the body which increases the chances of getting pregnant women to become pregnant,” which means that orgasms will benefit at any time in your reproductive cycle.

According to the 2015 article in Berkeley Wellness, according to a publication published by the School of Public Health at a University of California, Berkeley, “The health benefits of gratification may include improvement in obstacles of conception. One idea is that sexual intercourse During the vagina and cervical contractions pull in the sperm. Women who have sexual intercourse, more sperm can be found in their cervix. Is so. ”

As Dr. Gersh said to Insider, “The effect of orgasms on fertility is amazing by supporting a healthy immune system. Regular orgasms have been successful during various stages of the menstrual cycle to adapt successful fertilization and embryo implants. The organization continues to work with the immune system, and this process is continually facilitated by sex, sometimes when the egg Is not happening. ” unexpected health benefits of orgasmsBest Sexual unexpected health benefits of orgasms

Orgasms can also help during scary cold and flu season.

The fastest way to prevent that cold can be found in the bedroom as well as shelves in your local drug store.

A 2004 German study found that after 11 men masturbating after sexual arousal and after masturbation, there was an increase in levels of leukocytes, white blood cells that help protect your body from disease and infectious disease.

However, the benefits are not only for men – the same 2015 study of Indiana University has shown that in sexually active women there were “more changes in assisted T cells,” which help in activating cells, allowing your body to be foreign There is a need to fight the invaders who cause disease and disease.

Dr. Sandler agreed, “Some things help in improving immunity.” First, sexual intercourse stimulates the release of immunological antibodies which promotes immunity. Second, sexual intercourse improves lymph flow Removes the sources of infection from around the body, “which can make you healthy for the whole year.

They can also help you stay longer.

Both experts agreed that the benefits of sexual intercourse are spread throughout the life of the whole person, and possibly increase your life.

The four-year Welsh study studied 918 men between the ages of 45 and 59 and found that people with “high intercourse frequency” reduced their mortality by 50%. The men who died in one or more orgasms in one week died, in less than a month, in one month, it was proved that “sexual activity has a protective effect on men’s health.”

For women: During the eight decades of study on Married Heterogeneous Joints started by Stanford psychologist Louise Terman in 1921 and 2011 through Howard S. Friedman Ph.D. As part of the longevity project, researchers found a link between orgasms, health, and longevity, especially in those women who often orgasmed, who lived longer than their female counterparts. unexpected health benefits of orgasms





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