Upcoming Film “Black Widow” MCU released in May 2020


Upcoming Film Black Widow revealed exclusive trailer footage at Comic-Con with Marvel Studios announcing major details about the movie’s story and what its next upcoming film in the MCU released in May 2020.

will look like a story that explores Natasha Romanoff is past touching on some long-running them Siu mysteries and gives us a peek inside net’s head before everything in there was splattered on Vermeer.

When you guys you don’t know anything about the bike what a movie and not predict anything to write never in your life. So just a quick recap on what we know so far in this Upcoming Film black Widow movie.

Upcoming Film “Black Widow” MCU released in May 2020

Upcoming Film "Black Widow" MCU released in May 2020
Natasha Romanoff Upcoming Film “Black Widow” MCU released in May 2020

Joining Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff we’ll be Florence Pugh as the Alaina Biloba a rival sister figure to Natasha in the comics healing as an enemy KGB assassin who hunts down and Tasha hoping to take the title of the Black Widow away from her.

It’s these two characters who appeared in the trailer footage shown at Comic-Con. Here’s what attendees saw. It starts with the red broom flashback imagery from age of Ultron Natasha’s dark memories of her youth her training and brainwashing into a deadly KGB assassin.

Then the footage showed scenes of Natasha Romanoff from The Avengers and civil war. There’s the key moment she’s switched sides and helped Captain Bucky escape betraying Tony Stark over this. She narrates that all these events gave her a family and that she has made mistakes.

Then after the Marvel Studios, we jumped to Budapest. Natasha ascends a spiral staircase entering a room gun drawn. She says I know you know I’m out here want to talk like grown-ups. Then Yelena Biloba appears and the two are locked in a standoff.

Elaina backs into the kitchen then fist fight kitchen gets wrecked. Jason Bourne slashes Kill Bill. Natasha tries to hold her down a dagger with the towel. Yolanda tosses her over knife gets pulled out and then the fight spills over to the living room where the two women tried to choke one another with a curtain.

But then the fight ends. They catch your breath. Natasha lay in assists. They have a drink. Then follows an action-packed montage motorcycle chases gun fights running through the streets jump through black widow line for the first Avengers movie plays as audio running that you.

Like to be and then we see the villain taskmaster an image of whom was revealed recently in concept art taskmaster takes shots from Natasha and Bloxham and then after the movie’s title card the two fight on a bridge at night mirroring their moves.

Upcoming Film "Black Widow" MCU released in May 2020

Exactly. Now I’m sure we’ll see this footage soon and trailer form but this imagery tells us a lot about this movie’s story.

First Natasha’s relationship with the Alaina Biloba while in conflict with each other in their comic histories enemies. It appears that the two have some kind of sisterhood products of the same torturous upbringing pretty similar to Gomorrah and nebula said the video showed red hair to blond-haired women on a motorcycle together suggesting that perhaps their Budapest mission will bring them together on the same side.

The villain of taskmaster is an interesting choice in the comics taskmasters. Tony masters but note that the cast Rachael Weiss as a character named Molina. Now Molina could be a nod to Molina votes to cough a.k.a. the villain Iron Maiden from the comics who’s an antique black widow mercenary who also has her roots in the red room but also throw out there that it is possible that Marvel.

could be considering combining those two characters so that Molina could also be taskmaster with their parallel training and explaining why she would be so precise at mirroring her attacks showing Natasha reflecting on her decision and civil war is also interesting because apparently, the timeline of this movie is that it will be set after the events of Captain America Civil War.

But presumably before Avengers Infinity War meaning sometime between 2016 and 2018. This is the period when that was on the run after switching sides from Team Iron Man, Black Panthers so that Captain bucking could getaway.

And then turning away from start to live a life on the run with Steve Rogers in this off the grid period presumably around the time she decides to try out a short blonde cut some exploit will trigger the memory of a past mission the mysterious Budapest episode that came up between that and Hawkeye and endgame and years before that and the first Avengers movie.

You. Remember Budapest very differently and it sounds like the Budapest story will take place in an earlier period.

A flashback to the pre Avengers era maybe in the mid 2000s when Natasha would still be an adult and this could mean Hawkeye could make a little cameo in this movie as well as Nick Fury who did mention Budapest as one of the places he was stationed during the Cold War meaning he still might have a safe house or contacts there.

Belfast Bucharest Belgrade Budapest I’d like to be.

Also joining the cast is David Harbour playing Alexi. Maybe a nod to Alexi Shostakovich a.k.a. red guardian a Russian Super Soldier counterpart to Captain America Joseph Bentley is playing Mason an ally from Natasha’s priest Jill past who might be enduring and actor Ray Winstone has been cast in an unknown role.

Upcoming Film Black Widow MCU released in May 2020.

To me it looks like this Upcoming Film Black Widow movie will be an espionage thriller kind of like the Jason Bourne movies but also like Captain America The Winter Soldier which also featured the hero confronting their past in the form of a friend turned foe brainwashed into a killer over in the USSR and a call on it now.

I think we’re going to learn exactly why Natasha dyed her hair blonde in that period between civil war and Infinity War. Yes, she was on the run and probably need to adopt new hairstyles and disguises. But perhaps the hair color was also meant to honor an old friend a blonde that she’s still after all these years.

The lovers. I’m sorry. Now when it comes to this movie I will say it’s a bit odd that Upcoming Film Black Widow first solo film to launch Phase 4 would be a retrospective eulogy for a dead character with no future in them. See you now.

Perhaps the idea is to introduce you Lena beluga as the New Upcoming film Black Widow and the purpose of this whole film is to kind of pass the torch onto the next generation. Now if so I’m not sure why they would need to pay Scarlett Johansson millions and millions of dollars to be in that kind of movie when they could just you know put up some dead Iron Man-style bank sees around like they did when they passed that torch trying to Peter Parker and far from home.

But sure. As for whether Natasha Romanoff could be resurrected onboard Mir like some have said that when cap went back to return the soul Stone would there be an exchange.

Unfortunately, the endgame screenwriters seemed to shut down that idea Captain America comes back with the soul still or mere seconds on top of deposit then again do we get the task do we get it. What about

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I will return. I don’t know what. Listen.

That is not the intent. The intel guys. Yeah.

I don’t know. You guys should the Black Widow title be passed or do a new name like Elaina Biloba. Or should marvel try to find a way to bring back Natasha Romanoff in the future MCU comment down below with your thoughts follow me on Instagram and Twitter or Facebook and subscribe to new rock stars for more breakdowns?

Upcoming Film Black Widow, Everything you need to know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thank you for joining me and I honestly think bringing them back is the new things are worse than ever. Things are worse than ever.


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