You can never use one of the best new features of the Galaxy S10


You can never use one of the best new features of the Galaxy S10: After months of leaks and rumors seem to be like an eternity, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phone will eventually be released this Friday. If you want to know about the new phone, you can read our great Galaxy S10 review, but it would be right to say that they can now buy the best new Android smartphone money right now. Samsung’s flagship smartphone lineup last year was boring and frivolous.

You can never use one of the best new features of the Galaxy S10

You can never use one of the best new features of the Galaxy S10
samsung Galaxy S10 Image: Samsung

The Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9 +, and the Galaxy Note 9 all re-engineered Samsung’s old designs since 2017 and failed to introduce any attractive features. As a result, Samsung’s smartphone sales have fallen drastically, but the company learned its lesson because 2018 Galaxy S10 lineup has all the mistakes since 2018.

All of Samsung’s Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 + are great designs that display a new kind of all-screen setup. They have small bezels above and below the grand dynamic AMOLED screen, and then the selfie cameras are located inside the holes that are cut out of the screen.

This is a nifty solution that some people will love a lot from the traditional footprint, and This a big selling point for Samsung’s new flag. However, the Galaxy S10 family is just too much about a new design, because it is full of cool new features which Android fans like.

New cameras on Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup are unbelievable, and in-display fingerprint sensor is a breath of fresh air. If you were planning to buy the new Galaxy S10 phone at the end of this week, then there are many other new features to get you excited. He said, in particular, is a new feature which is producing a ton, and we are not entirely convinced that it is warranted. This is a terrific and innovative new feature to ensure. However, once the novelty closes, then it is a feature that most people probably do not use most often if all.

On the Samsung Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 +, Samsung has introduced a new capacity called Wireless PowerShare. This new feature is the first in the phone’s Galaxy S10 family, but it is something that is expected to be very popular in flagship smartphones this year.

While most flagship phones can be wireless charging on a wireless charging pad or stand, Samsung Galaxy S10 Also become a wireless charging pad. Just enable Wireless PowerShare, and face-down your phone at a table or desk, and any smartphones or accessories placed above you will start charging until it supports wireless charging. This is a brilliant feature in which many Android fans are excited, but is it advantageous?

A big problem with convenience is quite obvious: you can not use your Galaxy S10 at all, while it acts as a wireless charger. This means that your phone is useless for you when you are sharing power from a friend’s phone.

Since the output is not very fast, you will not be able to transfer the power of a meaningful amount in just a few minutes, so you have to be ok with leaving your phone untouched for some time. It also means that you are taking a more significant share from your battery life.

Many peoples who are excited about Wireless PowerShare, they say that they want to use it to charge their Galaxy Buds while they charge their phones overnight, and this brings another big problem with convenience is. Using the Samsung Galaxy S10 as a wireless charger means that you can not put on your wireless charger to replenish your phone.

Wireless Charging is one of the biggest things for the smartphone in the past five years. It is just so convenient not to do anymore with cables or connectors. I will never follow a phone that I have to plug all the time, and I am sure many people feel the same way. For an accessory or a companion’s phone, using its Galaxy S10 as a wireless charger overnight means that it is plugged in rather than stopping on a pad or stand.

Also note that those who buy Galaxy Buds will make a small percentage of the owners of the Galaxy S10, and not many other headphones or smartphone accessories support wireless charging. This means that the only chance for most S10 owners will be that Wireless PowerShares has to charge another smartphone wirelessly, and we already explained why it is not often practical.

The same scenario where I can see the wireless power share is a useful basis when you travel. In this way, you can pack a single power cord and use your Galaxy S10 to recharge other devices, while it is plugged in overnight.

Apart from this, this is not a feature that most people will use regularly. The option is clean, and if you are planning to buy Galaxy Buds, it would be good to charge the case quickly when the battery dies. However, using wireless power shares regularly is more trouble than its value, and it is indeed nothing that owners of most Galaxy S10 will use many times.

  • You can never use one of the best new features of the Galaxy S10


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